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My car is a 2018 but this only ask up to 2017
Turn signals stopped working on side mirrors and in rear and no hazard lights in rear either!
clicking noise at first start up, then when I tried again the brake paddle was hard to push like it was locked. tried a little later an still nothing.

2015 kia forte ex
just went out to start car ,but wont start . just a never happen before .wont go with a boost
Was driving Kia koup(2011) no problems then all of sudden when hitting gas car wouldn’t accelerate I’ve been told the O2 sensor needs to be replaced because car engine light is on and I’m unable to pass state inspection could the O2 also be reason why was unable to accelerate in car? I stopped at gas station and placed gas in car still wouldn’t move until i received a jump. Lights and dashboard was lit up.
I My car is running fine after 128,000 miles. I have oil changed and fluids, belts checked every 4,000 miles or so. But now I am getting a burning smell whenever I step on the gas to merge or get around someone. The smell goes away after 5 minutes or so, but I'm wondering what that smell is.
Car is running fine, but I'm having the plugs replaced at 128,000 miles and was told to have the PCV valve replaced at same time, but shop says it doesn't have a PVC Valve. Is that true?
Ac suddenly won’t come on
My 2012 Kia Forte is running great, even at 128,000 miles. Was thinking of getting new plugs, but should I replace the PCV valve as well?
Sometimes it works for few seconds then it stops working for long time. Very often it doesn't work during all my commutes.
We filled the gas tank but the gas light came on and remains on. The mileage range is now blank as well. We have restarted the car and the light is still blinking. Is this a computer problem?
how do I turn off the schedule sign on the kia? On the front panel of the Kia a shop repair schedule appeared and has not left. I have only 350 miles on the car. It does not need to be maintained yet.
It will start up perfectly once the temperature rises. Drove fine to work. after sitting in the cold it would not crank at all. Lights and everything come on fine. Jumped the vehicle still nothing. Replaced the battery and still nothing. Only does it when its negative temps. Replaced the starter relay also. Once temp rises it will start perfect every time.
I was driving down the road in my 2012 Kia Forte and it suddenly started to make a knocking sound and stopped accelerating. I pulled to the side of the road and turned the car off. I tried to restart it but it would not turn over. It made no noise at all when I turned the key even after trying multiple times. What could be the cause of this? Please help!!!
I just changed my battery because it was no good and now my car will not start
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