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The low beam on driver side doesn't turn on even after changing bulb so I'm thinking it's the fuse.
Kia Forte sometimes will NOT start. NOT battery, NOT starter solenoid, all connections are good and it will start eventually after so many tries. HELP!!!
It drives sluggish, Shake when I hit the breaks. Making a putt putt sound when I try starting,have to jump it.
How long have you had this problem? Since driving in water

How long have you had this problem? 2 to 3 weeks
It stalls everytime the car idles down and the oil pressure light flashes right before it stalls.
2010 kia forte, no over heating, transmission fluid at normal level, but has smoke in dip stick line? When driving has a slower response when given gas and raised rpm on gear change but dosent feel like its slipping. What could cause this?
kia quits at stop sign. but starts right up again
put it on machine and got pending codes P605 and P2105
Now hes saying after replacing the drive shaft that car still isnt fixed 2 months later now the sensors or not working car cant be driven well shouldnt he have known that atleast a month ago
please help
Just thinking about future repairs.
Thanks Dennis
the ac quit cooling a few days after i had damage to the front bumper cover from colliding with a trailer hitch, it put a whole in the bumper cover. could this be related to the accident. the ac blows but no cold air. the car has 18,000 miles on it
Drive down road, oil light come on, pull over and check oil. oil was good and light went off. continue drive. about 10 mile down the road. Oil light came on again and before I could pull over, service engine light, along with battery light come on ,car die. do have power and will not turn over and all light still on. Code P011
was going to put new belt in. but found out it was a chain. no youtube video on this engine 2.0L L4 dohc-16V. how long will this chain last?
I want to take my car to Valvoline Instant for a transmission flush because of cost compared to the dealer. Last recall I had completed at dealer I did inquire about flush and they mentioned doing a reset. Is this a relearn of the diagnostics? Is it required? I do currently have some hard shifting at times. Nothing major, and usually only when I am hard accelerating. I have no error codes, but factory warranty is expired, but I have a extended that requires routine maintenance.
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