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I noticed that occasionally hitting a small bump will make the alarm sound. Now the alarm wont go off. 2nd time to dealer with this problem. They are running diagnostics today but I can bet they will come up with a reason to try to charge me $$$$$. I love my car but I am soooo frustrated

This is happening when you first accelerate, then again when going between 30-40 mph, then again around 50- 60 mph.

I cant get the capliar to rewind

Both windows were off track and one cracked

my radio shows C O D E ?

we tried opening the car with our key fobs,but neither one worked. how can we get into the car?

I have a volvo c70 2001 soft top convertible but one of the window regulator broke.
Can i replace my window frame and regulator with volvo c70 coupé's?

is there a schematic or something?

The illumination in my radio is out and at night can not see the radio station.

The deflector works to the Windshield and the Floor, but not the Face.

Are their known problems from Computer Updates?

(Of course Dealer Service implies one of the six motors suddenly failed.)

package was on top of folded top stack(fts) and I retracted the roof and could not stop the roof until the damage was done. Grey piece between rear seats and window is detached and one of the supports for the fts has a kink and the fts itself has pulled away from the anchor.

the car has been sitting for about a year/. iot cranks right up but will not shift out of park

Water was coming heavy form under the car

If the part doesn't affect the functioning of the car, I'm not sure it's worth $310 to have it repaired.

What engen is abel to fit in my 1999c70

Or do you have to replace the roll bars. The car was Not wrecked. And nothing else occurred. The only thing is the
Convertable top will not go all the way down over bars.

The entire roof seems misaligned now. The trunk can't open with roof in this position. It unlocks, but I can't raise it to access the manual close. What do I do now???? Thanks.

So I did all the diagnostics compression test new spark plugs coil packs and checked the injectors all is good but I still get when I start my car hesitation like if I'm running out of gas or bad misfire can you help thank you

changing oil, need to know size of oil filter wrench to remove oil filter

It was running hot I stopped cut the car off when it cooled and I start the csr back. It turns over slow and gets faster and faster and will eventually start.I checked the coolant and oil and oil has coolant in it..what do I do?

Could it be tie rods?

Thought it was a cracked wheel, but that is only a minor vibration.

battery won't hold a charge after running

New car. No maintenance records. Yesterday car ran well.