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she wont do anything when i turn key no dash light only interior lights dim .. battery fully charged
Checked connections behind radio all good.
convertable top ding when down
I have changed the plugs and the coils but the engine still misfires and has no power
Rough idiling needle going up and down from 0 to 1when i have the car in park running or standing
One spot
I turn the key to start and there is nothing, so I turn it back to off position and back to starting position and it starts no problem. I just recently had the battery changed. Could this be a plug issue or is it a starter/ignition problem?
Hi, My 99 Volvo is throwing this code. The car runs great and then when pressing the gas peddle it goes to 10 mph. What could this mean? Is this a dealer only issue? I would rather fix this myself.

My Volvo air conditioning is blowing hot air one mechanic put Freon and then took it out because he said that was not the problem but the next day it was blowing cooler air one other mechanic is saying it is an electrical issue just not knowing where the electrical problem is I need help thank you Laurie
I know some cars have Windows that drop about an inch when you open the doors like Mercedes and I would like to know if my Volvo does that to? I have a 2004 Volvo c70
This happened suddenly. 9ne day it was fine next morning air conditioning in my volvo c70 stoped working and blows hot air.
It happens when I have been driving over two hours. No warning
I hear a whirling noise when the car is in neutral/park or when the car is stopped. The noise seems to go away when I accelorate.
No noises, coolant and oil perfect, timing belt is near new but the compression in all 5 cylinders is down to 45 psi? I have never herd of all of the cylinders of an engine losing compression at the same time? any thoughts on what may be the cause?
Regards Gosh.
The car runs well but at a certain moment there is a complete black out for 1 second. After that the car runs like before. The problem appears just sometime in different situations. I'm afraid to experience this on a highway.
After the black out the memory of the radio is cancelled.

The tester brings no help and the mechanic doesn't know how to solve the problem!
Is it software or the radio
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