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I have 2014 Q7 Premium plus with 27K miles. Just completed 4 year/45K maintenance and my dealer recommended to do electronic fuel injection service and coolant flush service. My car works just fine.

What is recommended electronic fuel injection service and coolant flush in Audi Q7? Does Audi have standard recommendation?
GPS and radio not working in my 2007 audi q7 suv
It’s an Audi Q7 2007 model
We checked the engine and we think it’s the temperature sensor malfunctioning
We need to know where to find the sensor
Does Q7 have a Satellite Radio module for Sirius or XM platform? All Audi literature says that it comes with a Sirius XM radio but Sirius is telling me that my satellite radio platform is XM, not Sirius XM. How can I verify which platform Audi is using? Audi USA could not answer this question today. Thank you!
Car repaired in Jan after an accident. Took it to a dealer for 25K mi check-up in June. They are saying whoever did the repair after the accident installed the strut incorrectly. The person who did the work after the accident is showing a 4 wheel alignment report as evidence that they did it right. ??
Leaking oil
This happens when accelerating onto an on-ramp for example. It's like the car doesn't want me to drive fast (basically the reason I bought the S-line). Anyhelp's appreciated.
Recently purchased this vehicle at 28K miles. Been driving for four days and ABS, Electronic Stability, Tire Pressure Monitor System and the low tire pressure lights all came on at the same time. Anyone know what this could be?
I have a coolant leak under the supercharger of my vehicle. What could be the faulty part causing this?
Will I cause damage by driving until its fixed?
I replaced the ac compressor a month ago and recharged the system to audi spec's, worked fine until yesterday??
There is NO evidence of a leak of fluid, all connections appear connected??
Car was over heating and thermostat light came on.
already had alignment and all new tires
light came opn first 5minutes of ride. then i noticed gas door was open but cap closed.
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