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put on new injectors and after an hour they have burnt out. New fuel pump, filter, and gas lines.

So it starts right up but when i go to shift to any gear but neutral or park it dies. Any help would be ap appreciated

Smelled a rotten egg smell for a few days popped thehe battery was steaming ... got a altenator test was over charging my battery a new altenator installed it and now the truck is just continuosly turning over not cranking/starting up...checked the coils and distributor akd there was no spark and so i replace the coil distributor spark plugs and wires, altenator, radiator, thermostat, starter, belts, hoses, pulleys, ac compressor, power steering pump, water pump, plus oil hange and oil filter and air filter and its got plenty of gas...everytig wprks like the altenator is charging the (brand new battery) but the truck just isnt starting. ..

I cage the ignition switch under the dash and still no power on dash and switch in the column

Cannot figure out how to check the fuses the fuse box underneath the dash. Not much is labeled and not much is uncovered by electrical tape.

I have a 1986 dodge ram D150 318 it keep burning battery up can't figure out why

And oil light is on now I checked the oil level is good. coolant is good got heat. No knocking or rattling fuse under dash is good what can be wrong???? And truck is 1989 with 3.9 liter engine. Just started this no warning.

I've been slowly losing 3rd, then no 3rd gear at all. Then I lost all great power. It starts, but won't move. It has been leaking transmission fluid. Possible fluid leak from the seal on the torque converter. I'm not sure if it is the converter or something else. Please help

The noise gets a little louder the faster I go but the noise don't change when trans. Shifts but when I start slowing down to a stop it sounds like it could be some sort of gear maybe but it isn't a metal to metal sound and also it has a miss in it driving and at idle

Again, engine cranks and revs fine in park and moves forward in drive under basic idle, but when you push gas pedal, engine will not rev up.

Okay it's a 84 Dodge d150 change the alternator battery is good drives perfectly fine during the day but at night time when I turn on the headlights it's slowly drains down at least the headlights get dimmer and then if I try to turn everything on it'll finally kill itself out if I let it sit for a little bit I can turn the headlights on in their bright again but have to jump it same thing happens a little bit later after driving

I Crank It Up it's shut down. It will not restart. When I turn the key on I hear the fuel pump come on and work.

What might the problem be?

I have changed three senders on the carb but still the same

Sometimes the battery voltage will drop also and sometimes stalls too.

The new fuel pump doesnt pump any gas. truck runs if we put gas into carb.

just need to know what parts will fit my 90 model when do the parts start to change?

Its a 92 dodge d-150 with a brand new 5.2 magnum. It runs perfect, and then after a while it cuts off. Thought it was the fuel filter or fuel pump due to the fact that we let it sit for two months while the engine was being rebuilt and installed. Already replaced fuel filter, and fuel pump relay. Before I go any further and replace the fuel pump I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas of what else this could be. Also for some reason the ac quit working (even the fan), but when I tried turning the ac on, then switch it off, the truck idles very low, and seems like it wants to cut off again. These issues could be a combination of different things, please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas, Thanks!

Refilled it, brakes still spongy

Replaced the coil, plugs, plug wires, pick up coil, roto, and cap and still no FIRE looking for HELP

looking for the correct description of what kind of engine and it has a Holly Carb does that make a difference in gas usage or for a fuel pump?

Im looking for a fuel pump I didnt know they cost that much

but the choke is open only half ways it runs just fine please help

When I start my truck up cold it runs horrible and misses and loses all its power but when it warms up it ruins better but still feels like it's holding back power what could cause this

Have a 1990 D150 w/318 Holley TBI system. Fuel is getting to the throttle body AND is passing through to the regulator, but no fuel to the injectors. I just replaced the fuel pump two days ago. Engine was running until I replaced the inline fuel filter in the return line.

It stall after you brake somewhat hard in forward and the fuel gauge floats no codes fresh tune up