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My Cadillac shuts off when I let up off of the gas pedal when I have the A/C running....I was thinking it had to do with the Carbeurator, however I had that re-built in 2013...seems like the issue has been occurring since then. What else could be the issue?

Original miles.....Checked fuse...Had A/C converted from R12 ....Blew perfect untill 3days ago

Please help it just went off

Heater blower isnt coming on

It was hesitating going up the hill...put it in park accelerates beautiful like normal...drove it again then it just it just turns now and no crank

When trying to unlock from outside key cylinder just turns freely

Just got the car given to me yesterday and sprayed starter fluid on the carburator while trying to start it.It would start but as soon as I stop spraying the starter fluid the car would stop running.

the headlight on the vehicle will not go off when cut the car off. Put in new switch, but didn't fix problem

Just recently happened while driving on the frwy. It was jerking as if it wanted to turn off i was going between 50 -70 mph

Do I need to check the carborator?

Everytime I go to turn the key my car will not start unless I spray the starter fluid in the carburetor after that it works fine

When I rolled the window down all the way it wouldn't roll back up. But when I press the up button nothing happens. When I press the down button I can hear the motor and the door bulges a little bit. Before this happened I would roll down the window almost all the way down and it would stop so I pressed the up and down button it would roll back up.

Why does my car runs but cuts off at red lights

new key started problem, it starts on 4 cylenders 8 to 10 sec, the the other 4 kick in and runs fine, for a while and then shuts off, restart after many tries and same thing. code pulled , security problem

There's so much play in the steering wheel of this car I'm almost afraid to drive it.

For a v-8, I expected a little more get-up-and-go. When I first start it, it barely creeps along, then suddenly lunges forward, like the transmission finally decided to change gear. Once it warms up it's better, but never has as much power as one would want.

When I Press Down On The Gas Pedal Lightly It Shifts Into Drive ! Not A Good Idea ! This Procedure could Wack The Gears! Transmission Oil levels Is OK ! What Kind Of Adjustment Is Needed ? Recently I Install A Drive Belt ! The Tension Is Just Right ! !!

Car starts fine as its running or as I'm driving dies out whn I turn it back over its idle very high and my check engine and my service vehicle light come on and stay on till my car kicks in bak to normal idle thn shuts off what could be causing this

Cut off...what is the problem?

The AC vents blow heat. I have noticed that when the outside air temp is below 80 degrees or less I can get some cool air. At one time it only blew out hot air when the car engine was hot but no more all has changed. I have changed the Compressor, had the AC system vacuumed out and recharged. I replaced the accumulator AC switch, also the AC relay. The compressor works fine & is fully charged, air blows out all vents blower is good, all fans work, dashboard controls work. I just cannot get cold air. Anyone have any answers. I was wondering if the heater blend door actuator or some other vent door might be stuck. Help, Help, Help I'm roasting in this car the drivers side window don't work, my newest problem.

The level light goes off/on. the noise stops when it comes on but it seems like it's toggling. Please advise.

Where can I find info on installing new seals, etc to the engine oil cooler by the oil filter? Pics, diagrams, instructions... It has the 350 engine. Thank you!

went to start car and every thing comes on but starter is not getting power