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It putts like a tractor when I dose start blow 20 it don't start
Sometimes stalls on an upgrade and brake
I replaced the master power mirror and seat and window and power lock system but my power door locks and power mirrors still do not work. But the power windows and seats do work. What the heck is wrong?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing.
How long have you had this problem? A year.
Worse when air is running
Lights come on randomly when parked runs battery down
1992 cadillac brougham 10,000 mile.

1 - battery light flashing allthe time
2 - turn signals light blinking faster than normal
3 - when i start the ignition the ac direct turn on so if i want to turn of i should press on off button
4 - fuel gage notwork properly always shows tank is full
5 - a/c blow cold/hot air but from beneath the dashboard vent only othe vents not blowing any air.

Please anyone could help
My light will not go off with a new alternator.
My Cadillac shuts off when I let up off of the gas pedal when I have the A/C running....I was thinking it had to do with the Carbeurator, however I had that re-built in 2013...seems like the issue has been occurring since then. What else could be the issue?
Original miles.....Checked fuse...Had A/C converted from R12 ....Blew perfect untill 3days ago
Please help it just went off
Heater blower isnt coming on
It was hesitating going up the hill...put it in park accelerates beautiful like normal...drove it again then it just it just turns now and no crank
When trying to unlock from outside key cylinder just turns freely
Just got the car given to me yesterday and sprayed starter fluid on the carburator while trying to start it.It would start but as soon as I stop spraying the starter fluid the car would stop running.
the headlight on the vehicle will not go off when cut the car off. Put in new switch, but didn't fix problem
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