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brakes work fine. parking brake needs to be pulled up almost to vertical for top to be raised or lowered.
this happen all the time, started off and on about 2 yrs ago had tune up and cat converter put on also, took it to a jag still could not give me the right answere just can not trust this people
87 XJS 70K miles. Engine starts normally when cold or even warm but after a 20 - 30 minute drive it must set for about an hour or more before it will start, cranks over fine but no start until it sits for a while.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? won't start when hot, 1987 xjs
How long have you had this problem? last couple of outings
When lifting the parking brake the brakes are certainly being applied but the button is not engaging so the brake will not stay on
Car has been in my garage unused for 2 years.
I was wondering what it would be a hose of some sort im not sure
When I try to put it down there is a fairly loud click from where the relays are in the trunk. When i push the button the other way, there is a slight click but much softer and it seems to come from same spot. Quarter windows work fine.
The problem is all the time I cannot get constant voltage only switched voltage.
This is also right around the time the engine reaches normal operation temperature.
My XJS has 96,000 miles. She sat (un-driven) for about 3yrs but I went out and start her up every so often over the three 3yrs and now this problem.
Fuel is good (New Fuel Pump and Filter), battery is good. I have replaced both Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECTS) and my Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IATS). Could it be my Fuel Pressure Regulator and/or my Ignition Module (IM) A and B Bank? Please help. Thanks.
I been driving my car with on problems.
But one night I had just came home and parked. Then I came back out two hours later and got in my car. It started right up. I went to back up and it just stop. .I tried to start it up. It seems like it won't ed to start but wouldn't. .It's been sitting for about five months now.
Rats ate the electronical harness engine harness. When you you fix one electrical wire, one brakes. The wiring needs to be fixed. No quess work. The electrical fuse box harness needs repaired. Do you know of anyone that can fix not guess approximately how much
replaced fuel injector
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