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Just purchase 2014 Jaguar XJL portfolio 25,700 miles it was Certified Pre-Owned last week first time owning jaguar, any suggest would be helpful


i have a 2013 jaguar xj supercharged 3.0 and i smell antifreeze when running idle and at start up but theres no leaks anywhere ive owned this car since nov.22 2017 car has 60.000 miles and my service engine soon light comes on at start up
I just need to know how to get my radios code changed the battery.
There is a 6 inch or so scuffs and light scratches on rear much would cost to repair or replace at a body shop
My 2011 XJ is still under warranty but Jag won't cover the problem. They claim that I "spilled" something against it. If that's the case (I never did that) then it's a design flaw. I'm going after them!!!
Could this mean I have a problem?
Car timing needs to be corrected I have manual but it makes no sense
It has a lefthand threaded bolt in the middle, I have already use a cheater bar to losen it but te bolt won't come all the way off for some reason. I have the jag repair guide but it doesn't make sense mostly picture.
notice this after sitting on back of car, right rear lifted up and left rear lowered itself
Passenger side is about 6 inches higher than driver side, I think this is because I jack up the passenger side and left it for a couple days, reset the car code. I must have did the suspension height relearn thing. So the passenger side lower the tire to try to be even with driver side, now its stuck, how can I fix without going to dealer
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