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Problem occurred when the right rear tire locked up. The car sat for several days in the garage after a wash. I removed the right rear wheel, brake caliper and the rotor. Axle spun freely, no indication as to what the problem was. Reassembled the rotor, Axle still spun freely, put caliper back on, Axle spun freely, put rear wheel back on and yet again axle spun freely. Lowered and have driven the car. AWD light wont go out.

Bright to dim, now looks like they're dim all of the time. Any ideas?

It feels every bump even on the smoothest road.

thanks so much

indicator light EPS electric power steering motor failure.

My car not start when I push the button a key light come on it will not lock nor open my doors

It occurs at anytime espicailly after rain.

Some say regular oil 3,000 miles for Oil change if you use synthetic blend is that true?

Some people told me 32 for front and 34 for back is that correct.

This only happens when I'm in a parking lot going under 10 miles an hour.

The car has 17.576 miles is a 2014 Venza, went to get the car serviced and they told me that front and rear brakes are almost gone, 3 mm left on them, how this is possible?

I accidentally left my windows open and it rained in my vehicle. Now the ignition will not start, but the radio, dash and windows all work. We have checked the fuses and all are in tact.

I'm not sure of the exact year on the model.

I was using the car to transport a table and when I was taking the table out of the trunk it caught on the back amd slightly tore the fabric. Is there anyway to repair this?

I need a cost to possibly replace emergency brake and maybe cables

Parked in a garage, 2014 Venza, purchased recently from a dealer, about 30,00 miles. XLE

The security system is overridding to be able to start the car. I have changed the battery but still doesn't start. . This have never happened before. What should I do? Help.

The driver floor and rear passenger behind the Driver seat floor it extremely wet. Had to pull out drain plug from under car and wet vac carpet. No sign of leak from inside the car...

I have a 2010 Toyota Venza/V6. Last week out of the blue the dreaded ABS/VSC lights came on.Fortunately a friend has a toyota scan tool and seems that the rear passenger wheel sensor is bad.I can buy the part for around $110.00 OEM Toyota.My question is how difficult is it to replace this part,without ripping my vehicle to pieces to make the connections.If anyone could offer some advise on this matter.I would appreciate.Thanks Dave J/NJ

check engine light came on.disconnected battery,light went off.Car has 50,000 miles

after the seat is hot it starts to smell like burning wires

When driving along and you want to change either the temperature,fan,mode,etc. you cannot.. Everything stays where you had it.. It is working but you cannot make any adjustments.. After turning on &off and letting it sit.. You can make the changes.. Any advice..

2010 Venza A/C working on driver's side only.

I still have brakes. The lights come on and go off. All started when I had a low tire. I put air in it and then the warning lights started coming on and off.