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Other than the security light coming on, the car runs great.
A couple of years ago, I did have to get a major tune up because after the car got to 45 MPH, it would struggle.
I have a couple of cosmetic problems, like the top of the console that came off or the sun visors that slid out from extreme heat.
My concern is the security light staying on now. I just had the AC fixed and it cost a pretty penny. I don't want anymore problems and I don't want to have spent $593.00 for nothing.
Car is acting like there not enough air flow getting to the engine it cuts out when putting foot on gas pedal
Just trying to make sure this works in my car
Both front seats will move up and down, forward and back but recline will not go forward.
Blowing warm air
I have a 2015 camaro rs and when I turn he ac on both driver side vents blow hot air while the passenger vents blow cold air, what is wrong with it? And how can I fix it
After GM change to a solid isolator for the supercharger has any problems associated changing from a spring-loaded to a solid occurred?
Car battery is new, BCM is brand new and programmed to the key by Dealer. Car WILL start with push button under hood, but will NOT start with key. Have checked the fuses and relays, all are good. Needing help with where to go next. Car sat for a few years. Have also installed a new fuel pump and emptied old gas.
2014 2SS auto downshifts to M1 while in Drive, without touching paddle shifters, this happens while I am not driving over 35mph. Paddle shifter ignition switch & BCM were both replaced on different visits to dealership. They are unable to replicate the issue. Currently I’m driving around with the tap shift unhooked. 11,000 miles.
First time happpening. What could cause this? Could it be a fuse?
Under the steering wheel
Key is hard to get out.
My front bumper on 2000 was torn off in accident. I have a 2001 Camaro (same color) with damage on the side- can I use parts from 2001 to fix my 2000 Camaro?
Parts: front reinforcement bar, bumper cover, headlight assembly, maybe the hood, etc..
Still has power, engine fine, no leaks, no funny noises, car was driveable from the scene.
I have 275/40/17 on it now
i have a 421 sbc that was worked through. i have replace mains and rod bearings. after i primed the pump i started the motor up and have 20 psi of oil pressure when cold and 7-8 psi when hot. if the oil gallies were opened up a bunch would that drop my oil pressure? is it ok to un with that kind of pressure on the street? Do i need to replace my high volume with a high pressure pump?
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