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I replaced the fuel pump the throttle body the fuel relay. but know my car has a rough time stsrting sometimes it will even stick when you start it with the start sound, but if you shack the back fuse box it will start. know when it gets warm it is losing power like its getting no fuel.
When car is running all dashboard lights come on
I have a 2009 Pontiac G6 I have my engine light came on it told me to change my exhaust cam sensors in my vehicle there is two I replace both my engine light did go off but now it comes back on I don't know why
The reason i ask is there a recall on pontiac g6 is because i just paid $1094.26 to have it fix
I'm spending so much money on bulb replacements they should really look into why it keeps happening
I give it gas and no response at all
Im not hearing anything and starts right up but doesn't accelerate at all
After it sit overnight it will start back
its stiff to turn 24/7. the steering is totally out. no noise or anything just hard to steer. already replaced power steering motor and checked fuses. em i missing something.thanks for any help
The brake hangs up and rubs
My 2007 Pontiac motor is gone up is it a wise choice to replace the motor in my car or just give up on it . I don't want to worry about the transmission going up next . The macanic said that he can put another motor in my car which only has 13000 miles on it for $2200.00 and he also told me the transmission in this type of car hardly never go up . Should I do this or just give up on this car is it worth it .
Having problems getting top completely closed . Did get it back down and complete. Tried to put it up and its not complete. Not latched and trunk open. Will not move either way now. Car was running when attempting this. At first you could hear the "motor " working. Now nothing.
My tech replaced the gas cap, vapor canister, vapor solenoid and the engine light still comes on.
Will not crank checked the range sensor not even working the reverse lights
The steering wheel shakes on its own
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