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My cell phone is synced to the car. I am driving and the icon for Advance Trac comes on. The panel says AdvanceTrac needs service. I keep driving and think the car started to skid very slightly. I slow down. I turn the radio off. With the radio off, I think I hear voices talking...twice. (Thinking to my self, I better not tell anyone I am hearing voices or they will think I am crazy. Can't figure it out, could someone be talking to me through the phone in my pocket?) Maybe three or four minutes later I am on a 4-lane divided road (Route 1 in Delaware County, PA). I am still driving a little slowly, maybe 40 or 45 miles per hour, in the right lane. straight, flat road, not passing anyone, no one passing me. The car suddenly slides rapidly to the left, I try to compensate but the car seems to be swerving back and forth and I have no control. I have moved into the passing lane and now turning right, I head straight into the guard rail on the right continuing to spin until the rear end hits the same right guard rail. Air bags deploy and Sync automatically calls 911.
Do I need to do
Wires got power but blower won't work
i have replaced both fan`s the fan module the ac compresser switch and the thermostat and added freon to the system all of this was not done at once but one by one because every time we would fix some thing it would work and be fine for a few days and then it would over heat again. if any one has any ideas please let me know i am out of ideas my self
I had the throttle body replaced and the pcm replaced and reprogrammed on the car on11/15/16 when I got it back the traction control light was on and the car said service advance Trac.
Other codes also came up:
what would cause the auto start to turn when the car is off and you go to lock the doors.
leaking fluid
Outta nowhere. My 2013 FLEX STARTED "puttering/jerking", feeling like it was trying not to stall. Then, it began to make this loud "grinding" sound.
Intermittent white smoke, burnt oil smell, dark green coolant. May or may not be accompanied by various sounds. Worse in hot humid weather. Minor loss of power on acceleration. Please add estimated repair costs outside warranty and common fixes for blown turbos/seals to this website. Can turbos be purchased and applied other than dealership?
We recently bought a 2010 Ford Flex. When the car is running and you are standing next to it, you feel a lot of heat from the engine that blows on you. It that normal or is there something wrong? We have not experienced this in the past with our other cars.
My tranny went out n I'm trying to fix it but I'm not rich so just trying to explore all options.
We can see what gear we're in up by the speedometer but seems like the gear we're in should also light up down by the gear shift lever. Is this normal or should it indeed be lighted here?
Is there a procedure or a video that explains how to perform this on passenger side light?
RPM'S are high and car don't want to go over 10mph
Right after a big storm, we noticed our Sun Roof was leaking when we saw water all over the driver's side seat. It happened a few times, so we tried to cover it, plug it, etc. The other night we had a terrible storm. I went out the next morning to sit my coffee in the cup holder, but it had over an inch of water. The CD compartment was full of water & suddenly the fan was on full blast with hot air. We can't turn it off, nothing on the panel will work, i.e. air, radio, etc. We hoped it would dry out, but it still doesn't work & in 100 degree weather, you don't want a 90 degree heater blowing full blast on you. HELP!!!
when turning corner at low speed? Very dangerous but dealer cannot duplicate the problem so they wont fix it.
happened 4 times.

the power point is on rear of the center console. That is the only one that does not work.
I woke up this morning. I tried starting my Flex and it wouldn't turn over. I cant seem to figure it out
How do I get the window up until I can get service?
Why would my 2011 Ford Flex Titanium just fail the Louisiana motor vehicle inspection despite being in perfect shape? The inspector asked me if I'd had the battery disconnected or replaced recently - which I have. He said he sees that a lot and we should just drive it for a few weeks to reset the computer. It's been two months or more since we had the battery replaced. Any suggestions? I asked the inspector what specifically caused the fail and he just replied that his "machine" just showed failure.

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