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cylinder 2 was dead, I swapped only the 1&2 spark plugs and the problem moved to cyl1, so I thought it must be a bad spark plug,... then I swapped only the 1&2 spark plug wires and cyl1 remained dead, then I swapped the wires back... the cyl1 wire is sparking when removed from the spark plug, the cyl1 plug is sparking when the wire & plug assy are removed from the cylinder chamber. can it be a bad plug even tho it is sparking??
Water won't stay in radiator . It comes out as fast as I put it in. I don't hear any nose. And car doesn't get hot real quick, but does have a burning smell.
The car starts fine, but won't stay running. Circuit had been popping for 4 days and there was a burning smell when it quit running suddenly.
I'm thinking the pully is sticking which cause the starter to drag and is making a lot of noise
changed the throttle pos sensor diagnosed with machine
It started fine last night this morning it tried to turn over but then just clicking noise when you try to start it.
coolant capacity
It runs fine as long as I aing going up a hill why
After stalling I tried jumping it to see if it was the alternator it didn't jump and my fuel pump kicks on but still crank no start any ideas of what it could be? Also service engine light came on after incident
Car won't stay running and then only idle touch throttle it dies. Have replaced fuel pump filter took off converter replaced crank sensor computer, map , throttle ,and mad sensors help help help
Im currently stuck on the tiny gasket that comes in the package with thepart. My part was already taken off the car so im trying to do this o e on my own and put the new one on it. But where do i put this little gasket at?? And another question the plastic thing connected similar to a clip that is holding it all in place does that clip come off of it?? You can reach my at 501-557-7290 thank you so much
what else can cause speedometer failure.
Can't get anyone who has a reader for this obd1. Car speedometer not reading and car doesn't seem to shift but moves and just increases rpm without shifting.
Car has been sitting idle for 7 years.
its a 3.1 v6
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