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All it does its cranking but won't start
How many supercharged rivieras were manufactured in 95?
I cannot get in both handles are broken
Everytime I try to start my 95 Riviera, the security light just flashes or stay on. I have to wait at least 15 minute then try again, sometimes it starts up & sometimes it don't. What can be the problem & how can I go about resolving the problem?
Idle would go high and low. When i stop it would cut off on me. But start back up until it didnt want to start back up for me. Any Ideas for me? I did a full tune up. Change coils, plugs, wirers, oil clean out my throttle body , fuel pump is a month old new fuel filter.. ? What am i missing?..
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When engine get hot
How long have you had this problem? Week
When you turn the ignition key forward it won't stay in that position
have had issues with timing retarding when it should be advancing
When the car is on there is a buzzing noise in the car. The ac controls don't make any noise when used but still function. Sometimes the a.c. will come on or shut off by itself.
I was looking for a shut off switch but i found a fuel pump fuse. It was running good for about a month then it cut off while driving down the road and hasn't turned over since. In the cold it wouldn't turn over at all as if it were to cold but i replaced the battery and it still did the Samething. I don't know if it's the fuel pump the fuel pump fuse i found in the passenger side front or if it is the starter or stater solenoid.
Is their a relay or fuse to this,
Stoped working after driving
On rough road.
If replace power antenna with a regular one, what do I need to do so?
MAF conector broke (the little black piece).that little thing is expensive.. So I haven't gotten car died while driving today..Started up But did it again. MAF 2 Blame? Do I replace the entire o2 or just MAF connection?
Is the compressor bad or has the bags gone bad. How do I check to find out
hood has hinges that bend easy and of course are damn hard to find?? Hinges have 2 star. screw that god slightly under the hood which is a bitch to get the right angle even with 3 guys. Put hinges on hood or put hinges on the car 1st????
When I turn left my car will slip into neutral and just rev the engine when I give it gas for a little bit, then goes back to driving normal. But it doesn't do it while driving straight or while turning right. Help me please.
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