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Just had new rotors put on but every time I make a turn either right or left it makes a chatter noise on the left side. This is a moving turn not a stop & go turn, for example...being on sharp turn exit ramps it will make this noise. Thanks
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse on sharp turns
How long have you had this problem? Since I had the rotors changed

What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? just popped up
The mirror is an expanded mirror allowing wider angles to be seen, and is slightly curved. It is blurry when I move my head a fraction.
Car starts normally after sitting over night. Make a stop on the way to work; attempt a restart then very very slow starter motor to no turning of starter at all. Car has new battery, cable harness and Acura diagnosed starter for a week and came back with no problem found.
I am wondering if there is some kind of vapor lock going on and or if I turn on the key and move the gear sifter the car starts but turns over very slow. Anyone else experience this, if so what was the problem?

No other info
I have tried my extra remote to open the doors but it does the same thin it locks but not opens. I have to use my key to open the doors.
Hi all, I'm a RDX '13 owner.
since the vehicle stars moving, the tire pressure increases about 1 or 2 PSIs; 3 out of 4 tires are showing the problem. But then, after some rest period, the tire pressure decreases again. Is that technically possible? What should be wrong?... I'm afraid that tire sensors are having problems. Is that possible?
cannot figure this out at all!
I want to drive uber and want to install one for safety
A couple times a week
I'd prefer the option of using a less expensive repair shop, although I'd like to be sure they're well qualified
I've had it for a little over 6 months and it has on 35k miles on it. I service it regularly. What could be the issue?
I have a 2007 RDX with 58,000 miles. Recently, while driving on the highway, the car went left and I couldn't correct it with the steering wheel and crashed head-on into a barrier at 65 mph. Upon inspection, the adjuster found that one of my ball joints was completely worn down and that would have caused my car to go left.

I have a few questions...
1) What is the lifespan of a ball joint supposed to be? Is it by years, miles driven? Is it possible my ball joint was faulty if it was worn down enough to cause an accident at only 58,000 miles.
2) 4 days prior to my accident I had my tires rotated and alligned, brake fluid and brake lines done, oil change, filters changed, and antifreeze recharged. This was done at a Firestone. They also do a "courtesy check" and let you know if there is any other work needed. Are the ball joints something that they would have/ should have seen while working on my car? In your opinion, should they have warned me about it?
After putting key in ignition and trying to start the car, nothing happens. The inside lights works, had battery checked and it was fine.
The malfunctioning gauge has burned out one fuel pump already. The dealership changed the fuel sensor in the tank and told me it was fixed. Last time I drove it which I was on my first full tank of gas after the accident, the fuel gauge said a quarter tank of gas was in the tank. The first time the fuel pump fried it also said a quarter of a tank. Smoke was coming out of the new fuel pump. I don't think they know what is the real problem here. Can an impact to the front of a car affect the fuel gauge needle?
Car has been stalling off and on for about a week but have been able to restart with no issues. No codes have appeared until today when I got the P0685 code regarding Emmissions. Any idea what the underlying issue might be?
I have Acura RDX (2008) with 58K miles. Last night after filling the gas and draw few mile and "Check Emission" sign came. I stopped the car checked the gas cap and closed it again with three clicks. After driving few miles "Check Transmission" sign came up with "D" Blinking. I stopped the car and waited few minutes. Check transmission sign went away while "Check Emission" sign continued. This morning, "Check Transmission" sign with blinking "D" came again. I checked Transmission oil as recommend in the owners manual and looks good.

Manual tells to take it to the dealership. Any suggestion before I head out to dealership?
So my rdx is a champ and love it but for some reason it is now having a bit of trouble in response time, I am noticing that I have to push my foot down on the gas a bit more than usual. What is the meaning to this?
I was thinking it might be because it is due for a good oil change, but is there anything else hopefully not too serious.
Let me know thx
The transmission cooler fitting disintegrated which led to a busted radiator. Acura took some off the bill but the new radiator, etc... still came to 700 dollars. I'm a consumer advocate and a family member came to me to fight this; after all the car only has 42,000 miles on it.

First I have to ask, is this something that can happen to cars in the northeast (acura points to salt on the ground in snowy weather)or did acura put something shoddy out and we should fight the bill? needless to say, he won't be buying an acura again. thanks!
Acura says bulb must be replaced from behind instrument
panel. How is this replacement accomplished. Is it easy
enough to be done by me?
I went to a Jiffy Lube for an oil change and they did a visual inpsection and told me my pads had minimal wear, but overall look in good conditions. After my oil change, I no longer got the warning message. Would the problem be with the brakes or the brake fluid level?
I'm not sure what to pay, please help! Where do I go?
The A/C works perfectly as long as the interior of the vehicle is cool or cooled. When the temp rises above 90 degrees F., the A/C compressor will not cycle on and the climate control blows like it was a hair dryer on high.
I need to aid auto transmission fluid. The owners manual
says the filler is adjacent to the brake fluid reservoir,
but upon inspection, could not find filler anywhere in the
engine compartment. Where is it hidden?
What is the service requirement at 80,000 miles for my Acura RDX?
Every week
the "check transmission light" was lit and checked with honda dealer; their response was the "range switch code" was enabled and was in need of repair.
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