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dealership says I need with 112,000 miles
The word "message" is displayed in the upper display area n I can't play any CDs now. How do I correct this?
Just had new rotors put on but every time I make a turn either right or left it makes a chatter noise on the left side. This is a moving turn not a stop & go turn, for example...being on sharp turn exit ramps it will make this noise. Thanks
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse on sharp turns
How long have you had this problem? Since I had the rotors changed

What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? just popped up
The mirror is an expanded mirror allowing wider angles to be seen, and is slightly curved. It is blurry when I move my head a fraction.
Car starts normally after sitting over night. Make a stop on the way to work; attempt a restart then very very slow starter motor to no turning of starter at all. Car has new battery, cable harness and Acura diagnosed starter for a week and came back with no problem found.
I am wondering if there is some kind of vapor lock going on and or if I turn on the key and move the gear sifter the car starts but turns over very slow. Anyone else experience this, if so what was the problem?

No other info
I have tried my extra remote to open the doors but it does the same thin it locks but not opens. I have to use my key to open the doors.
Hi all, I'm a RDX '13 owner.
since the vehicle stars moving, the tire pressure increases about 1 or 2 PSIs; 3 out of 4 tires are showing the problem. But then, after some rest period, the tire pressure decreases again. Is that technically possible? What should be wrong?... I'm afraid that tire sensors are having problems. Is that possible?
cannot figure this out at all!
I want to drive uber and want to install one for safety
A couple times a week
I'd prefer the option of using a less expensive repair shop, although I'd like to be sure they're well qualified
I've had it for a little over 6 months and it has on 35k miles on it. I service it regularly. What could be the issue?
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