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check engine light has been acting up...I replaced the battery and the gas cap, looking for the easy fixes first. I had the error code run yesterday and it says the knock sensor is not working right. I can not figure out where on the engine it is located exactly. something I can easily due if I can locate it.
you know valve clearance acura rdx 2013 3.5 v6?
If so, can it be turn off. will it remain off or return for each start up?
My pads are 5 MM when do they need to be changed
Does the power steering pump make a whining noise when turning or accelerating ? I had it replaced back in Jan. Thanks for any info. Car has 124,000 miles
I was having drained battery on my Acura rdx 2007 when it sits for a day without usage, then the kick starter finally packed up, So i changed into a used one and the battery drain disappeared, only for it to start again yesterday. Plus i noticed when i first installed the kick starter, it turns the engine at just a little turn of the key, but recently it takes a lil bit of key turning to start the engine. Does this prove the starter going bad is what's causing my battery drain?
I noticed my car was overheating and my AC compressor was discharging its freon, i opened the hood and found the fans not working. Please can you help me locate the fuses that controls the fans, so i can check if they are ok. My 02 sensor LH isnt working too, but would that cause the fans to stop working and also make the AC compressor to discharge freon in that harsh manner?
Acura rdx 2007 is making a kindof drum noise or rumbling noise when steering is turned slightly or heavily, what could possibly be the culprit?
I have disconnected the HFL (Hands Free Link) like most sites recommended but it didn't resolve the issue. The alternator is working as it should, the AC relay has continuity and not short. When i turn the AC switch off, the compressor stops and it switches on as it should when the ON switch is pressed. There are ABS, BRAKE, SH-AWD, and VSC lights on in the dashboard. I don't know if it's related with draining of battery. I'm really confused.

I suspect two things;
1. The rear wiper is not working when i use the switch, but when i jumped the switch and ran current directly to the motor, the wiper worked.
The mechanic told me the relay is short, but we couldn't find where the relay for the rear wiper is located. We checked both fuse boxes inside and outside the car, but didn't find it. Do you think this rear wiper relay could cause battery drain ?
2. Do you think the Anti-theft module is what might be draining the battery?

Please help me.
I own an Acura rdx 2007 model. After doing some jobs I noticed an unattached black hose coming from the tranny case/gearbox, very close to the starter and slightly under the battery. One end goes into the tranny case/gearbox while the other end remains loose and unattached to any place. It's giving me reason to worry, cos I don't want my tranny/gearbox toasted. Please help me, I need to reconnect where the loosed end will be attached to.
dealership says I need with 112,000 miles
The word "message" is displayed in the upper display area n I can't play any CDs now. How do I correct this?
Just had new rotors put on but every time I make a turn either right or left it makes a chatter noise on the left side. This is a moving turn not a stop & go turn, for example...being on sharp turn exit ramps it will make this noise. Thanks
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse on sharp turns
How long have you had this problem? Since I had the rotors changed

What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? just popped up
The mirror is an expanded mirror allowing wider angles to be seen, and is slightly curved. It is blurry when I move my head a fraction.
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