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service tire system soon flashes along with low tire pressure sign and with a few other signs.
The car keeps jumping when shifting N and when applying on the breaks. All motor mounts has been changed and the problem still exists.
Before the problem started there were no warning signs that i say on morning it just wouldn't start got it running a couple of times then the alarm started going off along with it and now it wont start at all
I have everyone stumped on this on why it starts when weather is cool. Or after a thunderstorm during day when it was warm and cooled the air.
On my 2005 Chrysler Pacifica the tail lights work but the brake light don’t any ideas on how to fix it
AC works great till it gets hot out side then stops blowing air from front vents only. Cools down and works great again?
My car started acting up about a month ago. Had a diagnostics test and nothing came up. My fuel will say i have 400 miles to empty when i fill it up. Then once it hits 210-160 miles to empty, it will drop all the way to 25-14 miles to e. So today my husband said no way we just put gas in and poof on his way to work car died. Wouldnt start saying we had 0 miles in the car. Help please. We spend $20 more a week now. (No there are no leaks either.)
It will not come out of park unless I push on the release
My 2005 keeps burning oil so a friend of mine suggested me full synthetic oil but I don’t know if it is safe for my 2005 Chrysler Pacifica
Need a step-by-step inform on how to remove ignition cylinder to get to my ignition actuator pin this needs to be replaced on my 2005 Chrysler Pacifica not sure where to go in at in what to remove to get to this thanks so much
Anyone know what could be causing this? Could it be the compressor? Or, would the AC not work at all upon recharge if the compressor wasn't working?
Only gas leak from bottom
It's throwing codes for EGR and O2 sensors Bank 1 cylinder 1 I've replaced parts unhook battery next day went back had code scanned again didn't show and then the same 2 codes are back again but my check engine lights on my instrument panel on the dash is not coming on all other lights work on the dash but not my check engine light
Hello please help Single mom busy boys!!!!! I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica that is giving me the blues. I've had the starter changed brand-new battery oil changed everything it started fine then cut off while going to get gas fuel pump works alternator good but says P0522 on dash and done comes up as well is this due to the ground and oil sensor I also smelled sulfur and got a sputtering omw to gas station anything quick I can do to get it home to work on it... I need to move it home asap jumping it isn't working
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