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you site has no tranny replacement estimates
2006 hummer h3. 4L60e oem rebuilt. 3yr 100,000 mi warranty. Installed price complete. From the dealer tranny is 2200.00 + core. Install price should be ??? This is work and parts are being bought and installed at a local transmission shop
When it rains or the engine is cold. It stopped after the engine warms up
Temp shoes hot when driving on highway over 60
Had clutch fan replace, pump and flushed air conditioner . Still will show hit on guage
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Stop car and it will drop down on temp guage
How long have you had this problem? Bought it 30 days ago entire time
After I arrive at my destination, I can smell a faint aroma of antifreeze but when I open the hood, I don't see any leaks or problems with the hose. I constantly watch my temperature gauge while driving. Although the needle has not reached the red mark / H, it goes past the mid point on the gauge and stops just below the "H". I have not checked for a code as of yet but I will tomorrow. I was going to do some basic things first (purchase a new gas cap, oil change, check and refill all pertinent fluids). However, it still remains on, It is not flashing so I hope it is an easy fix.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? If I pull 2 fuses, it goes away for about 20 minutes
How long have you had this problem? Since August 12th (approaching the 3rd week)
new coils,plugs thottle body still run funny at time what to do next? it is a hummer h3 2007 with 98.000 miles on it
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when its hot
How long have you had this problem? few days
I have had to replace door lock control on drivers side. Had tubes cleaned out cause leaking into sunroof. outside door Knobs that are stationary. Heater core replaced. Now sunroof leaking both sides, informed that color is wrong on passenger side back door.. I can't tell if it is, rubber trim is coming off.. Passenger side. Headlight is filling with water and points of the road. All info lights going off..check engine light on, told misfiring on several cylinders.. Took a few small problems..and probably loose lots of money to fix. Also back passenger door window switch just broke off on me.. So I know it wasn't miss handled. I also put in new trans.. Brand new from dealer was supposed to fix the misfiring.
Hummer H3X oil signal comes on at just about form of the car not moving forward.
I notice that this happens only in the summer time, and the car has been driven for at least 45 minutes. If it's cold there is no oil signal.
I changed the thermostat,oil sensor switch, and I have done a full oil and filter change to no avail.
Car is at 102k miles, Today I was told to use thicker oil (20-W50) in the summer and 10-W30 in winter (NYC).
Not sure what this would do.
How much time is given to change the two rear shocks on a 2008 H3 Hummer
Once engine turned on vehicle will
not remain turned on once wiper blades are turned off and vehicle comes out of park. Literally once engine is on wiper blades must also be on to keep car runing and still car will not remain on once gear is shifted out of park.
was hit from behind and it caused $10,000 damage to my H3. Body Shop fixed it but now gas gauge is not reading correctly. They took it to a dealer to put on analyzer to see if date of accident show up. no date at all showed. They did not put in a new fuel pump due to date not showing. Was fine before accident. Am I stuck to put in a new fuel pump?
I want to leave an aux cord plugged in. The light won't go off. Will it drain the battery if I leave it plugged in? I read that usually one of the lighters will turn off when car is turned off. Is this true in the H3?
Sounds like it is coming from the front of the motor
I had the thermostat replaced. The heater core was checked & the aculators .
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