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Have replaced throttle body sensor pedal accelerator assembly cam shaft sensor several other sensors starter fuel pump all 4 tire sensors . Sometimes Hummer will run like new fir 3 weeks sometimes it throws the faults and won’t run every 2-3-4 days
Had sensors installed on Wednesday and later that day it started hesitating while taking off, the hesitation is getting worse as I drive, do u think it's the after market sensors, I did have new spare plugs installed on the same day
Have Hummer H3 got transmission fluid changed. Want to know how many miles do transmission life span?
Will start, drive and shift key will not go to lock position. 06 H3
This happens regardless if the gas tank is full or empty. Also when I am pumping gas the gas pump stops frequently. My check engine light has been on for over a year and the dealership stated they think it is on because I need the thermostat replaced.
happens every time every day. cannot drive it. will crank and run for a few minutes but die and will crank after 10 minutes
How to shut tpm
Hear hearing loud noises when I start my Hummer it was shipped out of Gears it just will not move forward while driving my Hummer the year and shifted down on their own and it stopped like it will not it just stopped going forward do you have any insight on what this can be and how I can fix it
I recently saw h3 in the market with 170 000km Automatic, is it a good buy or you need to buy it brand new.please assist a bit confused .l have never owned an h3 so for first time buyers like us can someone give me tips and advise
I don't know what this mean right now don't have any problem its just the light
I am experiencing white smoke, strong smell of fuel from exhaust, loss of power and engine check light is on. also excess fuel comes out from tale pipe.

mechanic made me buy a coil and 5 injectors but problem still exist
What is HUILE error code on Hummer 3
My 2007 Hummer H3 is jerking when shifting into second and when slowing down it vibrates really bad, I replaced the throttle body and the purge valve but it is still doing it.
Don't know what to do next.
Any advice would be appreciated.
I took my 2006 Hummer H3 to Columbus Square Auto in New London, Ct and the owner told me it takes 8 hours to install the alternator. I see the alternator from the top to the bottom and can't believe it takes so much time.
door alarm stop working, key alarm stop at same time as did the left side of the radio.
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