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If I turn on the windshield wipers say for washing the windshield , I get a pungent odor from the air conditioner vents. Is water getting into the cabin filter? No signs of mold or water damage to the filter there.

Already replaced the radiator

thanks for this, good work
i have cadillac concerc1996 and ihave problem no power come in coil cables
should i change the coils or some thing else
but the problem is not only this .also ihave problem in the digital board that dose not shwo .rpm .battary power tempretcher i did some tryes to reset the code but the problem is still . all that happend after i had an accedient
the most diffuculte thing that iam from saudi arabia and in my city there is no workshop accepte this car becuse its not popular her
and whats make me adheres in this car its only drove 82000 distance kilometers
sorry for lengthen speech and bad
spilling now the dosenot start sinc 1year

I think the air ride went out of it ? I need a cheep way to fix it please

the a/c quit working very suddenly.the compressor does not engage and cooling fans don't come on.we know the system is fully charged and the compressor is good. we feel it is electrical but can't find the problem.i hooked up my handheld diagnostic machine but no codes or faults

i have the garage open set in the car but i need to shut it off, dont know how

I need to know to replace it or the price of the switch to be replaced

and they said it did not loose pressure and the compressor was working. They did not want to try to fix it because they were afraid they were going to have to take out the dash about 3days work

Vents blow air just warm. Turns off and on fine. What do I need to replace and how? Blows on both sides and rear.

AC unit has a noisey blower motor when it is working. If the power switch is turned on and AC doesnt start. Sometimes by tapping on the dash it starts working fine. Basically it works when it want to work.

I tried to jump start my car by using the fuse box/relay area.

The middle vent r not throwing cool air n the air coming out the defrost n bottom is not that coolwhat steps should i take.

IVe don't two fuel treatments to it last week and it started without foot being on the gas and was drivable for a day or two. Then went right back to doing the same thing .


it will clear when i hit reset but will return when i start the car again

The whole driver side panel fell off while I was closing the door. I was going to remove the car from the garage before going to work This is the first time it has happened. I am assuming whatever holds the panel to the door broke off.

2003 deville. Battery reads good. Car will not turn over at all. Just died. No lights. Nothing. Is it altinator?

Trans compatibility

radio won't work, chimes don't work

Car isn't driven much

Anti-theft light servicing coming on

2000 deville base.

Stalls and stutter when warm have an E30 code do I need to clean the throttle with throttle cleaner

it was the first pupup on the page

99 Cadillac deville fuel gauge reads incorrectly how do i fix this problem?

car will start but I have to keep my foot on the gas or it will cut off and is running at 350 rpm

code P0741
torque converter clutch solenoid
circuit performance
or stuck off

will not pass emission comes on at 70 miles after reset

shift tranny back into park blows fuses for turn signals

What is wrong when the service power steering light comes on?

Compressor is leaking. Has been updated to newer freon.think mechanic is pulling a swift one