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It’s always been like that for 55,000 miles on it
1993 Cadillac DeVille fuel data system goes on and off
The key was was bent slightly and when i turn the ignition on dash board turn on but wont start have to give a couple of tries to start and now it says it may not restart
Last summer my mechanic discovered that the A/C hose was leaking so he took it off the car to have it rebuilt, then he decided that we could purchase a new one for the same amount. Well there are two A/C hoses available for that car. They call them 1st design and 2nd design. Neither of them fit the car. Then he left town leaving me to deal with the hot car. I have since found the correct hose after speaking to someone in the parts dept. at the local Cadillac dealership. He gave me the part number then told me it had been discontinued. Fortunately I found one at Rock Auto, and it was the last one they had. My present mechanic said its the right hose but it wont hook up to my compressor and says I need a different compressor. Please can someone tell me if I'm getting the runaround. I've just about had it with this issue.

Ac compressor is working. I hear and see it running. My cold lines are FREEZING. When ac is down to 60 i get no cold air no matter the temp. I get warm air. Its slightly cooler on passenger but not cold still warm. Ive taken my dash apart. One actuator under dash behind radio looks like its functioning. I see it moving when switching modes. I went to the other under glove box. I think that one might be the issue. Someone. Help me out! Why do i not have cold air blowing?
Also when driving it feels like it down shifts or drops rpms
I have a 1994 Sedan de Ville, and after driving a bit, Ride Service Control light comes on. What needs to be fixed on car and how much will it cost. This is a second car and it only has 90,000 miles on it.

It seems to be leaking on the adapter between the pump and the reservoir.
Where would a person find a replacement adapter?
I turn the AC on it lights up but does not blow, the heater does not blow either there is no response like an in line fuse is blown
I was driving and hit a pot hole which caused radio to lose power, I can still listen to my preset stations but can’t use any of the buttons on the actual stereo.
When car is on the info cycles threw to check gas cap check and this and that
it said in the original post that may not need to replace motor? just wondering the answer?
My a.c. doesn't work in car and was told a module is missing in the trunk but idk what is all in the trunk to know what is missing. Guy said compressor works. The heat works although some issue with door actuator but still heat and jist air. Need air conditioner as already hot
where is the thermostate at on the front of the motor and what host is it
I keep hearing a clicking sound behind the glove box when I shut the car off and the battery keeps going dead
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