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Driving off and couldn't at first cause no clutch pedal but I pumped clutch and had pedal for a day or 2 then clutch went away again. Would it be a blockage problem cause I tried to bleed with bleeder valve underneath but no fluid/air bleeding where it suppose to escape (opening between bellhousing and trans .....???????
What is the problem when my car loses clutch pedal over a period of time??? I've bled the clutch then has pedal then loses pedal again with fluid leaking underneath Bell housing where bleeder bolt is. Is this a bad slave cylinder??
The fans will turn on to cool off engine. No leaks found. Engine will cool off fast and return to normal position. Can anyone help with this issue
I bought the car with 80K miles on it and i started hearing a fast clicking noise when i start it, and after about 30 mins of driving it just fades away and i have narrowed it down to the front left side of the engine it seems to be either something with the belt tensioners or i was told something to do with my AC compressor, i will be bringing the car in soon but i was wondering if anyone had the same issue ever
I believe it could be the overflow tank due to the fact that it no where else has moisture coming from it and I've seen it before when I put to much coolant in it. However I'm not sure any suggestions??
I lost heat in my 04 pontiac GT0 one day. My man told me to check the coolant so I did and my reservoir was empty. I had no coolant so I put in a jug of water. Checked a few hours later and it was empty again but no water on the ground. I added another jug and I had heat. Next day at stop light all that water exploded from somewhere but didnt overhest. Checked hoses, looks like its coming from water pump. Any other suggestions? Help!
The flashing security lights comes on about 30 to 60 seconds after engine is shut off. Never when engine is running. I did manual's instructions. Pressing "Unlock on key" Light goes off and comes back on in 30 to 60 seconds. I took neg bat cable off and put back on. No help.

My GTO has 52,000 miles on it. HELP!
Change alt and cleaned grounds also new battery
the right side moreless
I drove 3 miles from work an notice the temperature gauge rising rapidly. I pulled over to put water in the radiator, but it was still full of water and the fan was running. I had the car towed home. what should I do ?
P0496 EVAP High Purge Flow Fault
I bought the car 3 month ago and the ignition cylinder locked 30 days later. I took it to a local GM dealer and was not satisfied with their service. they replaced the cylinder and it locked again 60 days later. I towed back to them, and they are now saying is the housing that is part of the steering column. need to find a repair shop that knows how to deal with goats
I replaced a thermostat about 2 months ago after my 2005 gto overheated i just had to replace it again the other day , but this time it wasnt the problem. when my heat is all the way up it still blows cold air and my car overheats i need to know what the problem is. besides the water pump or heater core im running outta ideas.
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