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Rear window will only go up halfway on 2005 H2. Had been working fine, then quit. I can manually pull it up further; but as soon as I release it, it goes back to halfway mark.
I been here this sound it had rain a lot one day few months ago and I accidentally drove into some standing water and the lock gear and dove it the rest of the way home.
I had to pull fuse to shut off fan. How should I repair it?
I have had to replace door lock control on drivers side. Had tubes cleaned out cause leaking into sunroof. outside door Knobs that are stationary. Heater core replaced. Now sunroof leaking both sides, informed that color is wrong on passenger side back door.. I can't tell if it is, rubber trim is coming off.. Passenger side. Headlight is filling with water and points of the road. All info lights going off..check engine light on, told misfiring on several cylinders.. Took a few small problems..and probably loose lots of money to fix. Also back passenger door window switch just broke off on me.. So I know it wasn't miss handled. I also put in new trans.. Brand new from dealer was supposed to fix the misfiring.
Anybody know how I could fix that? Also how common is this problem?
Hummer H3X oil signal comes on at just about form of the car not moving forward.
I notice that this happens only in the summer time, and the car has been driven for at least 45 minutes. If it's cold there is no oil signal.
I changed the thermostat,oil sensor switch, and I have done a full oil and filter change to no avail.
Car is at 102k miles, Today I was told to use thicker oil (20-W50) in the summer and 10-W30 in winter (NYC).
Not sure what this would do.
How much time is given to change the two rear shocks on a 2008 H3 Hummer
Once engine turned on vehicle will
not remain turned on once wiper blades are turned off and vehicle comes out of park. Literally once engine is on wiper blades must also be on to keep car runing and still car will not remain on once gear is shifted out of park.
Heating control automatically sets both sides to full heating
Although the display on the control unit is different.

With the Tech2 the servos are controllable.

Functions such as
-air distribution,
-fan control (also automatically),
-rear window heating
works without errors.

Recirculation does not work;
After pushing the orange light flashes - no reaction on the servomotor

Error codes B0229, B0408, B0418, and an old error code B0414
Also with the Tech2 not delete.

Air flaps are easy to move,
Servomotor exchanged for new ones;
Cable (wiring) tested for continuity
Voltages at the plug-in connections.
Replace the HVAC control element with a new one

Can it be that the system for safety on heating is caused by a special error?
Are there additional control messages from the BCM? - could the error be there?
Does anyone know a specialist for the Hummer electronics? Close to D-84359 Simbach

Ask for information and suggestions.

my vehicle was not used for 2 weeks and when cranked up the radio will not power up
Want to know how to keep the driver seat and mirrors from moving. Also have popping noise underneath the passenger floor really hear it popping hitting the gas hard and braking hard..turning and hitting bumps what could that noise be?
4 wheel high when you push the button to to 4 wheel low the light for 4 wheel low just flashes it doesn't shift and light goes out.
changed air lines on the air dryer leveler today. finished I have service suspension. Check air inflator in back not working.
Come on. The compressor sounds like it kicks on under the hood but nothing else happens.
motor works fine
It doesn't seem to be over heated. The coolant is fine. Whay could this be?
was hit from behind and it caused $10,000 damage to my H3. Body Shop fixed it but now gas gauge is not reading correctly. They took it to a dealer to put on analyzer to see if date of accident show up. no date at all showed. They did not put in a new fuel pump due to date not showing. Was fine before accident. Am I stuck to put in a new fuel pump?
Not turn on. They turn on and off when they want. Have it for a month and this just started happening 2 days ago.
Ran out on highway put gas in drive it 50 miles parked overnight now won't start fuel pump is new fuel filter is new ???
I want to leave an aux cord plugged in. The light won't go off. Will it drain the battery if I leave it plugged in? I read that usually one of the lighters will turn off when car is turned off. Is this true in the H3?
Sounds like it is coming from the front of the motor
I had the thermostat replaced. The heater core was checked & the aculators .
I have 246k miles, and had a transmission rebuild @ 220. When driving hwy speeds for 15-20 min, I will loose overdrive and my Rpm will jump up. When it happens it is smooth, and only recognized by the increase in rpms. This of course causes the engine temp to rise. I have no other gear issues, and they all make smooth transitions.
H3 Hummer wouldn't drive in regular drive, only 4 wheel drive. The mechanic said the transfer box was damaged internally and found the radiator was cracked after smelling fluid. Said it was probably from accident, but can't say for certain. Car was fine before accident. Landed in ditch at a 45 degree angle. My daughter had trouble getting out of the car until help arrived. Had to be towed out. Comments?
after resetting key pass code issue car started. no turn signals, neighbor checked fuse box with a tester after which car will not start. when you turn key no display or chimes but radio and head lights work, no horn and when you use the key fob to lock car lights dont flash
dealer replace recall item harness & resistor. Drove 1 day then hummer overheated , returned to dealer replaced radiator, radiator cap, water pump replaced, thermostat replaced, checked over at GM dealership, Now the same thing happened again, any advice??? Why is the same thing happening?? Hummer overheated after 20 miles in outside temp 76 degrees. Only drove 3 days since work was completed.
During the Christmas hustle & bustle when unloading gifts etc, while having my hands full, & catching a neighbors toddler from running into the street-- I SLAMMED THE REAR-END/ LIFTGATE DOOR CLOSED. (Fortunately I stopped the toddler, but dropped the gifts lol) The license plate pocket popped out & the handle is still intact but not pulling to open the door. PLEASE HELP
Shouldn't this be a recall on GMS part as a safety issue? I have been told that a cracked manifold is a known issue with these 5 cylinder engines. Can it be welded? Would that be as expensive as a new replacement?
It squeeks/rattles when I drive,,,sometimes at an idle a little bit...but stops when I brake. It sounds like its coming from the front passenger side of the vehicle. But it seems to be getting louder. Then for stretches going down the road the noise just goes away. Make any sense to anyone?
Engine light on, car bucking for a couple of minutes. On Star diagnostic test reveals throttle problem

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