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car suddenly quit, wont start, turns over, but wont start etc light on dash is suddenly on what do i do
I have a 05 dodge magnum 5.7 hemi ..So I've had an issue where my car just stoped out of no where I was told it was an alternator and the tuneup I got those two replaced .. only to still put it in the shop they didn't find anything wrong but one thing and that's the anti theft alarm my car starts but want stay on unless I stay on gas so I was told to go to dealership to get a new programmed the key I have had no key fob with it so I'm guessing it locked me out does this sound familiar to anyone??
Changed thermostat and still with same result any clue what it could be
So I bought a 05 Dodge Magnum i check the oil and it's grey when I whip it off the dip stick but it's still kinda brown smelled like oil kinda looked like it till I whipped it off wat does this mean
Only the lights in front work, nothing works in the back of car
Took my car to a new shop near by because it was over heating.They said their was a broken head glass.Somehow they said the car wouldn't start at all on them after I had taken it in.They gave me 2 options.1 to sell the car / junk it. 2 to put a new motor.So I went with the new motor.Told me to give them $1000 to start on it cause they where gunna look for one,and so i did.Took them 2-3 weeks to get one.Called them multiple times and they said that it was gunna be done by next week.Its been almost 3 months without my car.Untop of that I took it in runing,just wanted them to check it out cause it had just started trying to over heat and I was concerned.And now it dosent even turn on.Thats why I'm asking if something normal or am I just over reacting.
i put new starter n sparkplugs
Dash lights go out and the headlamp switch gets super hot. Fuses are all good.Also lose heater control lights. When vehicle is shut off and cooled down when started the lights all workfor a period of time.
Could it be the fuel filter any suggestions
Something keeps draining my battery if it sits more than a week without driving it
Whenever I hit the gas my car has a rattling sound that sounds kinda like if you took a bicycle with spoke wheels and sound the tire and then stuck an aluminum can on the wheel......and since the rattling started once I hit the brakes the low oil pressure will come on and beep a time or two but when I check the oil level it's fine
Bought car lady said engine locked up Wich isn't true she parked the car came out to restart and drive and won't come on lights and everything works but won't turn over
bag got caught in lock now when I close will not open
Gave someone a boost and now my car won't start. When I turn switch I can hear fuse click.
Still misfires what to do next.check engine light comes on while idling
My Dodge Magnum 2005 was overheating I change my thermostat and it still was overheating
I asked a question a couple days ago that freedom auto answered. I an't drive over 40, car starts to jerk/lose power. I changed transmissions, sensors, and still the same!

Do I need to have PCM flashed to recognize the newly installed transmission? I'm on vacation in a week, I would like to come to freedom auto and get a complete diagnosis.
replaced ignition switch and problem still there, would stering column sensor have anything to do with that
Thought the head gaskets were The gaskets appear ok, no sign of them blowing out. where could the oil be coming from to have more pressure than the cooling system. there is no coolant in the oil. I have the heads clean and they appear ok. drove the car 5 miles and it pumped approx. 2 quarts in the coolant. I have checked the gasket around the oil port in block, seal ring appears intact around both oil pressure ports in block.
What would cause the vehicle to jerk, and not go past 40 mph with pedal to floor? Driving between 5 and 39 mph, vehicle drives fine transmission shifts correctly. I tried cleaning the throttle body, changed evap, still the same! engine is not throwing any trouble codes either
opened tail gate and closed it worked and once open and close driver door it worked
Speedometer not work n car won't pick up speed
the car will not start at all. is this expensive to fix and is it worth fixing
I was pulling into a fast food restaurant, and the back wheels just locked up
Its a friends car she drove it to her moms after that it just Wong turn over never had problems but it was a quart of oil over i drained 1 quart
Every time I make a trip with my car... have to keep it full with water in the radiator overflow and the water at escapes very quickly but I cannot find no leak. I'm wondering is it the hose or the thermostat
How much will it cost to gix
The problem occurs after running the air conditioner for approximately 15 minutes. The unit has been replaced twice within five years.
Car cranks normally and is really loud on the inside as if the muffler has a hole in it
Parts include all control arms adjustable ball joint and sway bar links

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