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code was reset once and i was told to wait a few days in hopes that it would not come back on. It's now two weeks later and it's on again. What is wrong? The car has 88000 original miles on it and recently had all the spark plugs replaced as well as a new timing belt and water pump. I also had the upper valve cover gaskets replaced to stop oil leaks.
Currently there are no oil leaks under the car.
Just need to know what type of oil to use for my car please
Compressor won’t kick on Vents blow air just isn’t cold. Is this a fuse or relay or sensor problem or bad compressor?
The radio does not function on hot days. It turns on, but no sound. CD doesn't work either. When the weather cools down it starts working again. Any advice would be helpful
1998 Toyota Avalon XLS. A little car has had small issues starting from time to time. I would try to start it, would never turn over. Then try to start it again immediately and starts fine. A few times it felt like a "rough" start. A couple weeks ago I'm driving and the car shuts off completely. I disconnected the negative terminal and reconnected, it started right up no problem. Now this morn I went to start. It seemed as if it was dead but with each crank it started to turn. It finally started and sounded horrible. Inturned the engine off, but the car sounded like it was stuck trying to turn over, I immediately disconnected the battery cables. Now when I try to reconnect the car tries to start....I'm lost for words up in arms please help anyone!!!!
Cam sensor A & B bank 2 codes with multiple misfires codes but never the same cylinder
low fuel lite never comes on. could it be a burnt out bulb?
I need to know all the parts thats needed to do a complete tune-up for a
1995 Toyota Avalon. A complete list of all parts
My Air Conditioner doesn't blow air at all. The display monitor shows that the air is on, it even shows I have it set on the lowest temp and highest fan but Air flow doesn't flow out the vents. I feel no air at all.
When you press the brake a green light laminates. Well it is not green it is red . May turn green for sex. When let go of button car doesn't start
At highway speeds, (60 mph and up), when banking left, there is a rumble/vibration coming from the passenger side. Passenger side front wheel bearing, lower control arms, ball joints, sway links, inner and outer tie rods replaced. Alignment also performed. Symptom still persists.
I only got 21000 miles on my 2015 Avolon I had this problem 6 mo, ago. Now it's getting
worse . I checked just about everything ,& I think something is draining the Battery & I have to jump start it.
My battery is new how come when I touch the brakes even park it sucks all of my energy then dims the lights and causes the car to stall and die I have checked my fuses and my grounds. I have charge the battery when I pull out a voltage meter my battery is full it's getting power to the alternator and starter
When I start the car it runs at 1500 rpm. if I kick the gas pedal and release it immediately it lowers down to 1000rpm. Now when I put it into drive the engine revs up to 2500rpm once again and stays there until I put it into neutral and then kick the gas pedal once again, but now it runs at 1500 rpm. If I put it to drive once again then it tries to race to 5500 rpm so then I put it back to neutral.

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Oil in the intake.
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