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Is that a transmission problem almost absolute, or could it
possiblely be something other than the transmission?
Thank you for your time... appreciate !!
I have a 2001 Toyota Avalon, its running bad. Went to autozone to get the codes and they are Codes P0446, P0441, P0420, P0304, P0305, P0300.
2003 avalon changed pump and coolant temp sen now wont start and dont hear pump prime and no start but would start after a half hour of cranking and charging batt and i get it running it will run fine all day its been 10 degrees heer all week long and every day thats its been this cold i have to keep jumping it for about half a hour till it finally starts then its fine all day long untill tommorrow morning then back to the halh a hour jumping it again and i noiticed i dont hear the pump prime either only time i hear is when cranking it only
2 wheel drive with traction option
My 2002 Avalon won't start. I thought it was the switch, but when I took the old switch off I found the real problem. The rod that hooks into the switch broke. can I replace just the Ignition Switch Lock Barrel Tumbler rod?
My fuse for my radio cigg lighter and clock blew in my 98 Toyota Avalon .I replaced it .and checked every fuse and none if these 3 things are working .it happened when my car was running and my sound system was in .but it happened when I plugged in a phone charger in the cigg lighter
Automatic with overdrive
No heater engine temputure normal,
Heater hoses feel normal air conditioner work fine. Heater blows cool air
There is a tail light out that causes the yellow dash light to stay on. To access the bulb, I need to remove the lens cover. I can remove the 2 bolts but I cannot seem to pop the lens off. Is there a trick to the removal. I do not want to break anything.
I hear sqeaking sound goinng over humps. Its under warranty changed struts. 2 months later same sound. Said the other strut. Suggested that i have barrens replaced. I own a 2003 Sequioa and never had barrens changed.
Its a new bulb,won't work.signal flashes on inside of car but doesn't work on outside for cars behind me to know I'm turning....what fuses should I look T,,,please help asap,,,can't afford another ticket...
I replaced the bulb,the turn signal light on right back,still isn't working ing on the outside.what and where are they,the fuses to see if it needs rep!aced???what else can it be??
Occurs on every rolling right turn around a corner.
Only driver's door locks and unlocks with remote and button on door. Replaced both drivers and front passenger's actuators and still have problem. One dealer said it is a relay in the driver's door that has gone bad. Do you have any ideas?
Thank You!!!!!
Center brake light is not working. How much does it cost to replace the bulb
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