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Stalls at idle sometimes and in slow traffic. Sluggish acceleration
Had a dead mouse in the duct area... Need to deoderize. Where would I spray Lysol into???
Can NGK spark plug BP5ES be used for this car?
I put in 01 Santa Fe rear lift gate handle but it brings up the back door handle not for the back window latch or handle . It all looks like one piece. when I hit the release button, I can pry it open and seen the in inside is 2 screws
Whenever you start the car and put it in gear the automatic door lock normal engages with a single click. Recently it clicks 4-5 times trrying to lock the door when placed in gear.
1999 sonata speedometer works intermittently how can i fix it
2014 Sante Fe DM2 MY 15 Active Wagon &st %dr Spts Auto 6sp 4x4 2.4i
The details of the vehicle are as follows;
- VIN : KMHST81BSFU449490,
- Engine No; G4KJEU547296
- Purchased on the 22 July 2017 from Ballarat Holden at odometer reading 125604.
- Vehicle Registration 1EE5MQ
- Warranty expiring date 26/02/2020, Build date 01/12/2014
I am writing this letter to confirm specific questions and specific answers that I want to be answered in the best way you can do to ensure that this vehicle will be safe to drive.
1 - What is the cause of the “recurring stalling issue” whilst driving?
2 - How can this malfunction be diagnosed?
3 - How can repairs be done to make the vehicle is safe?
On the 14 May 2018 Peter Stephens Hyundai began investigating a Recurring Stalling Issue I have experienced whilst driving the above Sante Fe when the vehicle has suddenly stalled without any warning with no engine power, no
Looks like antifreeze but my antifrezze is full warning light says Invertant coolant
Check engine light code said crank sensor peplaced it now it wont start. Good crank nothing sounds funky just wont fire up .i think it might be out of time how do i check timing with out taking it back apart
Just had the Fuel pump replaced and now I cannot put gas in the tank fester than a dribble. 20 min to put in the tank 8 gal. Runs great. No other problem the car just stop while I was driving. Was Diagnosed know if you think engine fuel pump replacement Required. Left the shop going to put gas in couldn’t do it faster than two or three since two minutes back to the shop they said it was the filling filters and the filling tank line. Love the shop still having the same problem. car runs great. Just Takes a long time to put gas in
Replaced clutch. has my shift pin moved??
Have a 2014 Hyundai Equus and I had put snow tires on the car (MN winters !) and have now had my Discount Tire folks swap the tires out for my regular all season radial tires. Do the larger tires go on in the back wheels ?
I just want to know which auto transmissions i could search for from wreckers etc if it comes to me needing to replace my 1996 hyundai coupe 2.0ltr fx auto transmission as these cars arent very common in my city, and none are privately wrecking. Shifter moves fine, car engages into drive but wont engage into reverse? it acts like its still in neutral gear.
I think it also had really low transmission fluid, which iv topped up, but doesnt seem to make a difference - pretty annoying seeing as i just paid $650 to RAC for them to replace the drive chain etc, and only drove it 120kms before this issue arose... shouldnt they have atleast checked all the oil levels before releasing the car to me ? does anyone know ? I would have thought that would be some kind of neglegence. Thanks :)
Ok, so im really REALLY hoping that someone has seen this problem before or if anyone has some ideas as to what could be the cause of this problem it would be greatly appreciated! Im seriously hoping im not going to have to replace/ rebuild the transmission!! :(
Ok so about 3 weeks ago I had the drive chain replaced in the engine, because it suddenly started making a strange tinny ding sound ,so I had it towed to the service center, and they said the drive chain had stretched, and broken the guards - so they replaced the drive chain, guards, rocket cover and gasket - then i drove it maybe 70km total.. and suddenly the 3rd time i got in the car to drive it, it just wont shift into Reverse - the shifter moves no problem, and when in line with D, the car engages and will start to slowly move forward ( not sure how fast its capable i didnt want to push it ), but when at R it doesnt engage and acts as if its still in neutral? I think the oil was low, but topping it up hasnt seemed to fix?
Performance reduces when drivenfor half an hour, fell the engine is overheating, gives a check engine light on AT. Feel gears are not shifting automatically. When engine is cool is back to normal. Service guys says it the issue of AT box and needs a replacement with ECM. Checked the mass flow good, oxygen sensors, hopefully it could be the catalac converter please help.
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