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Steering is tight and now smoking from beneath the hood. Hard to turn.

I hit a curb pretty good and now when I turn my front wheels squeak. Also when I try to straighten the wheel it will not completely straighten out. I was told I need an alignment or new ball joint or new tires. How do I know who is telling me the truth?! Please help!

I want to conserve on gas so I want to play more music without my engine running.

where do i start when replacing my altnator

The good release cable seems to be stuck or jammed. I need to know how I can unlatch the hood so I can charge my battery.

surge, lack of power

wild not fold on passenger side but can control the view from inside panes

Everything is fixed on car but the computer enging light is still on and the car keeps idling down and shutting off

Making loud clicking noise in engine. Dies run . Just started doing this.

Car shut off driving down road. It cranks but won't start until I sits for awhile, then shuts back off after 15 mins

It feels like it goes on reverse but don't move.

2003 Hyundai Elantra GT 5 door: I had replaced the original Oxygen sensor cable with a NTK brand ($29.00) Oxygen sensor and the [Engine light] went on after the first road test.
1) Do I wait for the engine light to go off after the computer accepts it -or-
2) Buy an OEM or very higher priced Oxygen Sensor?

**I heard the Oxyegn sensor is going to set the engine light on even if it is a Bosch, or good brand.....?
**it took alot of work and BPBlaster to get the rusted heated heat cover off screw/bolts.

Car runs really well, I don't want to place alot more time & money into it and may keep it another 2 years.

I just bought the car and had the alignment checked and it was good. I had the tires rotated and it didn't fix the problem. Not enough to notice while driving with hands on wheel. Should I be worried?

Vibrations sometime occur while driving but erradically. No check engine light on.

want to know if the only way to check the plug and wires and fuel injector is to take off the plenium(intake) cant even see the fuel injectors on cylinders 1-3-5 or pluges, my issue is hesatation which comes and goes but getting worse please help 2004 hyundai xg 350 l

It happens all the time

My transmission seems to get hot just changed fluid and is already dark. 97424

My brake light stays on and drain my battery this starting happening 2weeks ago. I recently had my oxygen sensory replace.

It makes loud noise whenever car is running .

I sprayed the underside of my engine at the carwash. Now the check engine light came on and it wont drive very fast. Also the cruise control won't work. It sounds like crap. The rpms only get up to about 3000

speed about 65mph ,no codes runs good otherwise

It goes on and off periodically

The dealer told me my car needed a new gel battery for $400 that a regular battery wont run my car. I have never heard of that. Are they just trying to take more money from me?

the esc indicator light comes on and the gear shift won't move until I press the gear shift release button. Not all the time just too often. Is there a fix I can do?

The car will start but as soon as I accelerate it dies. Replaced the throttle position sensor but that didn't help


My Tib just began loosing acceleration. It feels like a compression issue and I'm getting a #5 plug misfire code. I've checked the coils for spark and the plugs are new, as well as the wires. When I am in drive and go to pull onto the street from a dead stop, it takes about a min for it to reach cruising speed. I've also noticed it seems as though my tranny is 'stuck' in 3rd gear. 1st & 2nd are slow to accelerate,but once into 3rd it's easy cruising until I have to make a stop. But the car is shifting through the gears. However, it seems to run up to about 3000- 3500 rpms before shifting sometimes. I've recently replaced TPS, as well as Neutral Position Safety sensor, so I'm ruling those out. I've also just checked and cleaned the Mass airflow sensor while troubleshooting which actually helped my fuel efficiency, but made no other noticeable difference. Someone suggested a fuel filter, but as far as I know, Tibs don't have inline ones. So as for the in tank filter, I've actually replaced the complete fuel pump assembly a couple months ago.

Need to complete this monitor what is the drive cycle proceegers ?

Elantra GLS. Manual control. Could the climate control filter be the problem

AC does not come on. When blower is turned to high the AC and max lights go off also