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2007 Hyundai Santa Fe 2lt diesel, timing belt or chain
My sonata 2.0 16v 95 model is idling low when cold and high when warm. There is also a vibration on the engine at low revs and fine in the higher revs. What could be the problem?
Last autumn, my neigtbor have put kind of grease, vaseline like, to my battery poles and attaches, saying that it would prevent corrosion (scude my english, I'm fench). Now, when I charge my battery (9.02 VDC) for 15 minutes, it start but do not hold its charge? Is this grease did not made a proper contact and whith time have deplete the power of my battery?
Thanks for answering me.
do i also have to replace the timing belt any advice on how to get to and replace the water pump would be most helpful and appreciated thank you
Car has done this 3 times since 2012 ckeck engine light came on once but soon went out on it own, this last time, it started back up was shaking like crazy and ran very rough when ever I pressed gas peddle , the next day everything was fine like nothing had happened
Replaced the throttle body position sensor, chankshift position sensor,transmission was maintenced and replaced the ignition coils...stays in 2rpms at 40 mph too long...can you help me find a solution
is there a way to set the headlights to stay on after you turn the car off so you can see your way to the house and then turn them off automaticly
I don't hear the pump buzzing at all it has no power to it and is brand new test relays they are good what else can i try?
my fuel gage as long as you have the car over half tank it works fine but after it goes below half tank the fuel light comes on like you dont have any gas then the light showing how many miles before fill goes off
and i have a lot of carbon scence this started and my check engine light comes on
Radio plays but the screen is black
Timing belt was just changed gas in vehicle was like oil car had been sitting for over a year mechanic drained tank re fueled it and did gas treatment replaced spark plugs and wires did oil change replaced air filter. Car starts right up but once set in gear starts sputtering and has no power. Car makes sputtering sounds and shakes and jerks.
The gas leak just started and it is a constant flow coming out. I have heard there is a 15 year/150,000 extended warranty. Is this correct?
Have checked the relays have put a new battery and new alternator and check the starter.I have moved the gears around to try to start it and I can't get no crank no sound no nothing. And I have double checked every wire to make sure everything is coming to right see if I had anything or did something wrong or triggers something and I can't figure this out can you please help me
Can this be a recall. This is the second time its done this in 1 month. Very dangerous
Fuel pump is not getting any power to operate need to locate fuel reset switch to make it work and get power
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