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changed the following
Glow plugs
blocked off egr

I was going to replace it and cannot located where it is. I went through owners manual and looked for it under the hood. I appreciate any help and part number.

1998 pathfinder driving and just stopped recently tuned and fuel systems cleaning completely tuned check I can hear the fuel pump priming took number one spark plug stuck a screwdriver in and I don't see any spark dumb question but think it's the ignition model under the cap ? Please help or tell me where I can find TNT thanks in advance

driving 55 miles or over the hood starts to fludder.

running normal for a 3 miles here a click
and I loose power some times temp goes up high

Tried 3 times to start normally but engine would turn over a bit then stop. 4th time I pumped the gas and it turned longer but didn't start until 5th time. Idle was normal for about five minutes then was very rough for a few more minutes before getting back to normal. Exhaust smelled like burned rubber. Drove 15 miles perfectly and then the idle got extremely low downhill for about a mile and back to normal again.

Pathfinder was cold at initial start after driving for over 20 miles it was very hot to the touch on driver side hood and fender and started again without an issue.

Major oil leak from the back of the engine no oil around the valve cover its all clean

SUV wobble hard to control when on the freeway

It will only go back into 1st when i stop and shut the switch off but then as soon as i shift into 4th it wont down shift. Wont go into OD either.

OBD Code P0731 appeared, when checked, it says that the PCM detected that the RPM is not consistent with the RPM for the transmission first gear. Is this required transmission module or sensor replacement? If so, where is that sensor located at? Thank you for your help.

I've just rewired the incoming positive cable because engine would dte; now the lights go off.

Usually it reads 80000 but then sometimes it appears to be just zeros accross and they are half sized.....display malfunction or some kind of warninh

Where is the 2010 nissan pathfinder starter relay location

When going around curves my pathfinder sways badly. I just purchased it and it wasn't doing in when I test drove it. I only had it 3 days.

My car battery died on a parking lot and I call AAA for battery and they brought it and install it but my car just cranks and won't start.
I checked for any trouble codes with a scanner and none found .

My car is getting spark but it seems like berry little, is it possible the distributor is bad.

Car would start then idle for a few seconds and die again. Now it will not start at all. I already replaced fuel pump and filter and it seems to be getting spark. And I put a brand new battery in.

pump is making noise and want to replace it

I cleaned the throttle body and replced the IAC module... Attempted to complete the IAC relearn... light never goes to steady but keeps blinking and now the throttle surges at about 1500rpm... makes the vehicle almost in-driveable... Continues to give me P0507 code... vehicle idles at about 1000rpm... The blinking MIL cycles thru 10 slow blinks and 10 fast blinks, but never goes to steady... Help!!!

Was the motor in the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder a 6 cylinder or a 4 cylinder?

The car it self doesn't ride very smooth to say it only has 120,000 mile on it and but im starting to think is more electrical more then anything... Does it cost much to get the gauges to work??

2005 pathfinder 70,000 miles

code P0430 comes out on my 2005 nissan pathfinder 2wd 4.0

most likely to realize gas is low when going up a hill.

I have a 2008 Nissan pathfinder the slip n vdc light and engine light comes on I bought a new battery and had the alternater checked and it's ok what is the problem???

I drove it last night got up this morning and it won't shift very loose

My 99 pathfinder starts but doesn't run for more than a min, it spits and sputters, cuts out and eventually dies, I have changed all plugs wires distributer and rotor button, have change MAF sensor and 02 sensor, along with fuel pump and filter. Now we're looking into changing the camshaft sensor or the crankshaft sensor.

Why want it crank after being drove a while

Added gas and still did not want to start.

It's dies when it idles and no power