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A friend who is a professional mechanic came out and said I have good spark plugs and I have spark, but I need a new fuel pump. I replaced that with a good quality one. The new pump is working and you can hear it turning on, processing the fuel and putting it back into the tank. The vehicle still did not start. Then I researched more online and also asked my friend about the issue- which gave me the answer to check the fuel lines again, replace fuel filter and if all else fails... use starter fluid to get it started. Checked fuel pump/hoses again, replaced fuel filter. No start. Used starting fluid to tart vehicle and lo and behold it stats but dies after the starter fluid is burned up. So, it seems that fuel is not getting to the final destination?
There is plenty of new Non-E gas in it and newer air filter.
It keeps turning off on me and then I wait a few minutes and it comes back on. While it’s out I don’t have no power at all. Pls advice
I have a 2017 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum. When either the full car or Dual climate control is on and the Heat is turned up to its maximum setting in the rear, there is no heat that comes out in the third row. It does not maintain the same temperature as the rest of the car. is this normal?
making it to not go in to gear when the fluids heat up and go into limp mode as the transmission overheats
The beep lasts about 30 seconds
Will turning on My '94 Nissan Pathfinder XE 3.0L V6 engine on it won't turn over quick but after trying for 5minutes it will finally turn on but Just Today It started to Stall out or lose power will Driving on the Road. Unsure what To Do, Help please.
new radiator new fan clutch new thermostats
Check engine light started flashing. Can feel light shaking on steering wheel. Can feel it missing on idle. Only number 3 spark plug wet with gas.
What are the costs to replace the fan belts?
I've checked all hoses (no signs of leaks and all are pressurized and hot where they're supposed to be). I replaced the thermostat and water pump and have done some extensive radiator flushes..making sure to "burp" the system afterward. Heat still works, but not all the time. Also, both fans work and even had fan clutch replaced a few months ago. When i first bought the car i was told that it had some small oil leaks..which after working on the vehicle i noticed a decent amount of residue. Most of the time it takes a while to overheat but it eventually does every time. Could this be the radiator, the heater core, or maybe a gasket leak??
the other day i was driving my 97 nissan r50 pathfinder home from work then all of a sudden outta the blue it stalls on me and the red come on so i pulled over n turned my ignition off i then turned the ignition red bak on n waited a few second n then tried starting it again it took 3 goes to get it started again it would sitt there n idle fine but as soon as apply pressure to the throttle the car would die it done it a half a dozen time n now its like its wants to start but aint its getting fuel coz ive chec the fuel filter its not blocked and the fuel pump is still working all the fuses n relays are fine does anyone know wat my issue might be
My 1999 Pathfinder is intermittently dying in the middle of the road still has power but won't start just shuts down. We have changed the fuel pump and filter and the distributor sending out no codes. It wants to start but it just doesn't start.
Seems like the thermostat is stuck or there is a vapor lock of some sort. Doesn't appear to have transmission fluid in the coolant expansion tank. My Lord, I have never seen an engine with as much coolant hose; There must be a total of 5-6 ft of combined upper and lower hose
I turned my car on. The screen is completely black. I can’t turn on the radio, heat, a/c, nothing. It is still blowing our cold air. I can’t shut it off.
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