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I had ran over a good sized rock, hole in the oil pan, oil light came on then the car stopped. Oil pan is replaced,... how do I get the engine to unlock?

Now my car won't start how do I fix it myself

Catalyst evaporative system. What do I do .

I took it apart and it doesn't want to come on is it the radio dead or what

stopped running, seems fuel starvation

05 ford focus ZXW 2.0L motor-automatic-T.Makes a very loud grinding/clunking noise only when the starter is turning over..when starting....


What recommended mileage? My Focus is a non-interference type.


When the car is unlocked with the key fob and only when the rear passenger door is opened, the car starts.

Now the computers are syncing up.

All my lights, radio, horn is working but when I try and start it it won't say nothing.. Is the there a recall on the key switch Or what is going on?

I put the cluster in the same year and model car and it works fine

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lite came on car runs fine

.. I know I am for sure missing one would it be best to replace all of them or just the one needed

is the solenoid valve for the diverter suppose to have 12 volts to ground on boths sides to the plug when engine is running

Vibrates loudly and I can see the hydraulic mount has a crack in the rubber I want to know will that alone cause so much vibration it vibrates driving as well as in idle parked and neutral

Car is just over 60k miles. Automatic transmission. The engine is very loud. After about 40 min of driving it vibrates on accelerations (particularly from 0-10) sometimes very violent vibrations. Has been doing that since i got it. I have gotten the oil changed every 3-4k miles and have no service lights on. Any suggestions on what it could be?

How much will it cost to fix and get the engine light off

When I start my car I have to push in the gas paddle to keep it started what could be causing it to do that?

Due to abundance of cheap imports and pull apart parts being passed off as new and or original supplier

Runs and idles fine and always starts right back up, but will die again when put in drive. Replaced coil and cam position sensor as this is what code was shown.

Hi everyone. I purchased used Ford Focus 2012 a month ago and its mileage is around 40400 miles.

In the first week itself, I've noticed Screeeeeech sound while taking reverse and then applying brakes. The frequency of hearing this sound is very less.

But 3 days before, I noticed huge vibration in steering for about 3 to 4 seconds while accelerating at lower gear.

And today, I noticed the same problem. The vibration is much greater than before and it happened when I apply brakes. The first vibration occurred when I slowed down in speed breaker and the second happened when I applied brakes during the turn and I was about to lose the control.

So, after noticing these things I went to mechanic explained him everything. Unfortunately, none of the things happened when he took the test drive.

Any idea what's going on with my car? I don't have even basic knowledge to I identify where the problem is.

Any help is appreciated.

Was driving and serpentine belt broke due to the tensioner pulley seizing. Replaced both and now car won't crank. I was told possibly jumped time. Any suggestions?

The fan only comes on when my ac is on.if not then overheats.why is only one fan working?

Accelerates great on the freeway ..when you let off ...then accelerate it feels like it slips...and catches up...??

It occurs randomly. Some times it will say hood ajar. Sometimes not. It stops when I put the key in the ignition. Can go months without it happening and then it starts up again. Do I need to replace the hood alarm sensors. If so where are they located? Or how do I clean them? Thank you.

The oil light and everything else is good just wondering what the yellow light that looks like a motor means.

I have a progressively (getting louder) squeak from the passenger side of my car. When I had my oil changed, Quick Lubes, told me that it was a bearing or two around the alternator. And it is a 5 hour labor job. I am trying to save up the money, I am just not sure how much time I have. It has 204, 000 miles.

If I replace the hub do I replace the bearings?

Jacked car up to check for play & noise found none. Recently put on used tire.