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My car decided to overheat, but no heat inside the car, liquid on the front of the car
My 2005 Ford Focus has new brake pads and new bearings, on the early mornings it makes a roaring noise then reduces after a while on the road
I went the same amount of time between my last oil change. From 36k-46k my IOML warning came on telling me to change my oil and when they checked it at the autoshop to change it was still full just with bad oil. Then this time i had no oil left. Mind you there were no service lights on.
I've lost one hubcap and the car is old so i just want to get a secondhand hubcap. There's one for sale but it's a 2002 so I want to know will it fit my car?
When I accelerate the tachometer goes very high and then I have to let off the gas so it can drop into gear
My elderly mother's 2002 Ford Focus, SOHC with 52k recently stalled when she was stopped at a stop sign. I was able to duplicate the problem only after many repeated attempts. The repair shop has said that since the vehicle is 15 years old, the timing chain needs to be replaced otherwise the engine may be damaged and total the car. They have also included a cam shaft position sensor replacement. It seems to me they are including the very expensive timing chain replacement for a problem that has nothing to do with her issue. I've seen various 'recommendations' to change the timing chain at 60k or 120k. My main question is this: is 15 years of driving only 52k miles sufficient cause to necessitate a timing chain replacement? Is it a deterioration over time problem? I am very concerned she's being scared into something that is not currently necessary. Also, I researched that a SOHC is a non -interference engine, meaning a timing chain failure will not severely damage the engine. Is this true? Thanks very much.
I replaced the spark plug s they were wet. What else can I do to fix this?
The crankshaft pulse sensor is not in the spot where it was originally where we took it out of our 2011 transmission. Please help because we need our car and we are out of money...
It does it everyday my tires are all the same and it is a ford focus.
I drive a 2015 Ford Focus with a manual transmission. When the A/C is on it was only blowing extremely hot air, I realized the car was over heating which I thought was why it was accelerating slowly. I had the clutch and gas both down in first gear trying to move and my RPMs were rising but I wasn’t moving forward. My emergency brake wasn’t on. After I turn the A/C off the gauge went down from “H” to the middle and the car drove normal. From there only at random did it over heat and not accelerate from a stop(the A/C was off) .
My husband called the mechanic but I’m hoping to get some info to avoid getting ripped off at the mechanics.
This happens when driving or idle. The length of time the light stays on varies. I've had the battery and the alternator tested. Battery tests good and the alt voltage is 14v. I'm also starting to notice a gas smell and high gas connsumption. The shake can be subltle or extreme (like the car may die).
When am driving the temperature warning light goes on and off while am driving what could cause that?
2016 Ford Focus. Ran when I bought it, but had been hit in the passenger side. While the doors were off, it randomly started acting funny when running. The display would start flashing then the car would die. The headlights would not always turn off. We thought it was due to the door sensor and we unhooked the battery to preserve it. The car ran to get to the body shop where they cut out and welded in part of the rear quarter panel. After they were done with the repair and paint, the car would not start. There is no dome light, no bell when the key is in, nothing happens when the key is turned. The radio does turn on. If the button on the shifter is depressed when the radio is on, the display says "transmission not in park". We have tested all the relays, the battery is charged, all of the fuses look intact, there is no corrosion visible on any of the connections. There is no warranty.
**We did connect a scanning tool and it couldn't even "find" the car
2017 Focus SE. Left rear wheel leans in at top about 2". Dealership refuses to fix it, says it's within "specs", even though it shows it is out of adjustment. All other wheels perpendicular to pavement. How can I diy? I have the tools and am former mechanic, ASE certified GM and Ford in 1976.

Thank you for your help.
I want to replace the blower resistor. I cant find the location.
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