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some times the radio shut off and does not come back on.. the Bluetooth does not work on my end...i cannot hear but on the other end they hear is noisy popping so i dont drive it...any suggestions of what this might be?
About a week ago my instrument cluster went out and now whenever I press on my brake pedal my actual brake lights start flashing. Is this related to the cluster going out? Or is there another problem that would be occuring to make that happen?
My Focus was stalling out. I took it to Autozone and had a OBD reading done. It came back as a fuel pump. I have replaced spark plugs,wires,fuel filter,fuel pump and it ran shortly (very rough) now it won't crank at all. The check engine light is flashing. Help!
Okay so I had my starter replaced yesterday by a great mechanic because that seemed to be the issue my car would light up when I put the key in so no dead battery but wouldn’t start. Sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn’t. It seems my car doesn’t start when it’s hot only when it’s cool. He suggested it could be my PCM but when my car does start no lights are on and it’s fine. Just it seems it gets too hot so when I cut it off it won’t start back up. You hear a whirring sound when you try to start it but no start. This started out of the blue on Wednesday. Could my PCM/TCM have went bad all of a sudden with no warning? Or could it be something as simple as a faulty ground wire? There is corrosion built up on the terminals on my battery and the main ground looks crusty. My battery was just replaced 8 months ago so it’s not a bad battery.
My AC compressor on my 2010 Ford Focus SE has completely seized. Repair estimate to replace compressor, belt, receiver-drier (due to debris in system) is $1100-1500, which isn't really in the budget right now. The compressor can be bypassed with a shorter belt though, correct? Anyone know what size belt would be needed? Also, is a bypass pulley an option, as well? I've seen it for other vehicles, but haven't for a Focus before.
Lost chip for key and car won't start
why after we shut off are car go in the store start it does not start it starts then we start it again it starts
Key won't turn easily to switch on ignition. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn't. you have to whack the key and then it turns. But it can take one or 30 + attempts. Is it the key or the ignition?
Napa auto parts sold me ATF fluid but i don't think that's right. It's not empty just a little low.
The back blinkers on the passenger side ate not working. I have changed the bulb and still doesn't work. Do both back blinkers work off the same fuse?
Doesnt feel like its getting enough gas
I was driving when I smelled something odd. Then I noticed smoke coming from the hood of my car and my window started fogging up. I pulled over and popped my hood and found my coolant resavoir cap out of place and coolant all over my engine.
After driving a few miles I get to a stop the car starts shaking and dies ....sometimes while I'm driving it also does on me
2010 ford focus
Its making loud ticking noise when the engine is completely turn
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