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2013 ford focus heater not blowing. Was working fine last nite now nothing. What should the rough cost for fixing be?
I have a Ford Focus II 2010 1.6 TDCI.

The car loses power at certain points, usually when I get to a high rev. It will then just about maintain the same speed but with little or no acceleration. I brought it back to the seller (under warranty) who changed the EGR valve. It did not fix the issue, but he then told me he just discovered that the EGR valve he used is not fully compatible with Focuses and that I would need a different one. He now refuses to change it or answer calls.

So my questions -
1. Do you think the EGR valve is the issue?
2. If so, which is the correct, compatible EGR valve to purchase so I can take it to another mechanic.

My 1995 ford focus won't go into reverse
Driving the d will start blinking and the car will not go even though it is running if you put it in park the p blinks if you turn it off it will not start for about 20 minutes and the p blinks
rubbing noise
hear rubbing sound. especially hard to steer when first starting off.
car doors open while car is in gear
What should we try to get the defrost and heat to work?
I need to know if a 2002 Ford focus transmission will work in 2007 Ford focus automatic or standard
Battery died, but has been charged. Car still moves, but shifts a little delayed. After battery was charged transmission fault light flashed. Can I still drive it for 5 hours. I am stuck 5hrs away from home.
How do I open the hood when the release inside the car does not work due to a dead battery. The doors are unlocked but everything else is completely dead. I need to jump the car and cannot open the hood. There must be a way to open the hood manually.
it still starts the belt right below where you put the power steering fluid is just hanging its not wraped around where its supposed to be
My CD player is bad and I was wondering if there is a solution to installing a cassette player in a 2006 ford focus. Most of the backs to radios seem to look different that I have looked at.
I was having to jam the key hard in the ignition for it to turn over but doesn't work any more.a locksmith said the chip inside the ignition is broke.The lights on the dashboard all come when I turn the key over.but the car don't turn on
now it only turns over now but want start.a locksmith came out and said the chip on the inside of the ignition is broke.i bought a transever.can you help
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