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Water pores out when I pore in
The wiper arm on my 2013 Focus require specific windshield wipers. I was wondering if I could put an older model arm or a universal arm so that I would have better selection of wipers and cheaper
My car was stolen and the keys were never returned back to me they got out of the keys and I never got the keys back so I went to change the ignition and got it changed and everything and I'm showing a code 13 and I cannot get it started or do anything and I'm hearing a noise in the back of a time I turn the key at like a click I guess around the gas tank it sounds like to me but I'm just curious what can I do to get my car to start
starts good in dry or cold weather
I was wondering how long does it takes to change thermostat on a ford focus ses if a mechanic had to do it cause I can't pass emission and I was wondering how long it takes a mechanic because I was thinking of doing it myself cause my plate is going to expire soon and I saw pictures on how to change it but
It sounds like my tires are spinning out but I'm on dry pavement its also jerked really bad when i put it in reverse
Can the twin cam 2.0L engine in a 2005 Focus 4 door sedan be removed from the top without removing the crank pulley?
It's acceleration is slow and it's vibrating when it's idle with a different sound.
My 2010 Focus got a new heater core, thermostat, and water pump 2 months ago. It had been blowing heat on the driver’s side, but cold air on the passenger side. Now there is an odor coming through the vents when the heat is on. The coolant reservoir is empty so I figured the odor was antifreeze. The dealership pressure tested it for 3 hours and tells me no leaks. They said they also smell odor but aren’t sure it is antifreeze, say it may be exhaust. How do you explain the empty coolant reservoir if there are no leaks?

leaks? when the heat is on.
2013 for focus having trouble locking car when I get out, but key starts car with no problem
Ford Focus 2000 zx3 has a clutch safty switch fell off trifled to connect the two wires and start it but the ignition doesn’t even go to start mode it doesn’t even make it to turning the engine. Tried to hardwire and still nothing but push starting does work.
The front left turn signal and side signal indicator don't work at all. The rear left turn signal blinks fast. The left turn signal light stays on all the time. I've replaced all of the bulbs, sockets, turn signal switch, headlights, relays, fuses, and nothing is working. My brother and uncle both have replaced the wiring that goes to the socket on both front and rear. What else could it be?
checked the fuses tried to locate the horn itself but cant seem to locate it and the horn still not working
3 of my 4 doors will not unlock, randomly... then they will just unlock.... lock is jammed and the fob and inside button will not work
It only occurs when I do a lot of stop and go traffic in town. It never does it when I'm on the highway. It doesn't matter how much gas is in the car. It doesn't do it when I turn right.
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