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I have a check engine light that came up with the code P0302. Mechanic said it could be a number of things and can't seem to get specific for me.
So one day, I changed my AC speed from 4 to 2 and then the AC button light went away and my AC went out. I changed the blow motor because two people told me that was problem because there was electricity flowing through it. When I press the relay for the AC in the fuse box, some part of the AC under the hood makes a noise (the noice it makes when my AC is on) but the AC doesn't turn on nor will the light turn on.

the relay in the eng. compartment clicks on and off, Im assuming, every time the comp turns on and off. The comp runs about 1 1/2 seconds and shuts off for 1 1/2 seconds.
Engine "lopes" at idle. Dies when stopping. Starts right back up.
I went to my car today and when I opened the door, it was beeping. This was before I put the key into the ignition. All of my lights are turned off. It makes the sound as if I had left the keys in the ignition. It only beeps with the driver's door opening. It does not beep when it is closed. I got a warning that I should get my oil changed soon, but that makes a different beeping for about 3 seconds after I've turned on the engine. This beeping is continuous until I close the door. What could be causing this beeping and how could I fix it?
I have an 09 Ford Focus I bought new in Oct 2008. I noticed after a few months my carpet on the passenger front started to come up from the door. Is anyone else having/had issues with that? I was told that the 09 model's carpet was cut too short at the factory, but I cannot find any type of recall for it?
Just started Wil blow cold air out of vent on passenger side but only blows warm air on drivers side vents
It came on before and would turn off after this happened car ended up dying and wouldn't start again. Found out it was the alternator. Changed it and now2 itnrums but light is still on so I'm constantly driving under 40
Had all new system put in last summer.
I started my car the other day and turned the AC on high. Drove a mile. Smelled something almost burnt- only smelled for about 30 seconds- and then a loud click and my AC system stopped. No fan noise. No hot air blowing. Only power lights to the controls will work. Only issue I've had on this car and the air has been blowing cold all summer.
I need all four used tires for a 2002 ford focus
It starts then when i turn it off and wont start i unhook baterry for 15 min or more then it might start
Need to replace low beam bulb. Can not find it
I had ran over a good sized rock, hole in the oil pan, oil light came on then the car stopped. Oil pan is replaced,... how do I get the engine to unlock?
Now my car won't start how do I fix it myself
Catalyst evaporative system. What do I do .
I took it apart and it doesn't want to come on is it the radio dead or what
stopped running, seems fuel starvation
05 ford focus ZXW 2.0L motor-automatic-T.Makes a very loud grinding/clunking noise only when the starter is turning over..when starting....

What recommended mileage? My Focus is a non-interference type.
When the car is unlocked with the key fob and only when the rear passenger door is opened, the car starts.
Now the computers are syncing up.
All my lights, radio, horn is working but when I try and start it it won't say nothing.. Is the there a recall on the key switch Or what is going on?
I put the cluster in the same year and model car and it works fine
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lite came on car runs fine
.. I know I am for sure missing one would it be best to replace all of them or just the one needed
is the solenoid valve for the diverter suppose to have 12 volts to ground on boths sides to the plug when engine is running
Vibrates loudly and I can see the hydraulic mount has a crack in the rubber I want to know will that alone cause so much vibration it vibrates driving as well as in idle parked and neutral

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