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My A/C and heater will not create any air, it was working fin yesterday with no problems, i changed the fuse, Tried a new blower fan, and now trying to see if it needs a new blower switch, having problems taking the switch out.

It just doesn't seem to have the power it need at all

Why does this keep happening?,how do I get it get it done right at low cost?

When first started takes a few seconds for the transmission to engage.

when the low beam is on if I tilt the steering wheel up the low beams shut off and high beams come on.

If i rev it up for a bit, or after i drive it for a minute it wont stall. However the next time i go to start will stall a couple times again. I have new plugs, wires, EKG valve. New distibutor , new oil n filter, new coolent and new battery. Also replaced the starter. new fuel filter and air filter. Cleaned carbon out as best as i could.

I have been told there are 4 switches related to this issue (3 on transfer case and one on front differential), as well as a vacuum line. Should I replace all? Where can I get these parts? I need the OEM part numbers. Can I get those from Toyota?

Battery/Alternator 3 years old. It happens once we start to slow down and/or stop.

No power at all. Dead had the battery checked it's good. No power at starter. Jumped the starter straight from the battery and it started. Truck runs good, but as soon as I turn on the headlights or press the brake it dies. During the time the truck runs all dash gauges work proper. No warning gauges are on.

When I try to start the truck it sounds like it's got air bubbling in the exhaust. It won't move without stalling. I have replaced knock sensors, valve gaskets, spark plugs, fuel filter, and I'm stumped. Any suggestions.

I see it; but they do not make that part anymore? If I clear the error code it comes back on in 80-100 miles. Code P0450. It's the only code that comes up.

got new sparkplugs and brain also

So when my ac is working it can be stop by braking, going up or downhill or small bumps and this sound of a switch in the dashboard will go off thus the ac stops working and blow warm air only. it works when it does with cold air then as you drive the car with the above description that happen it stops working! what is wrong!

Starts when cold, will restart if shut off while hot but immediately re-started. But if it sits for about 10 mins while hot, it won't restart. It coughts and kinduv backfires with a weird smell . . I have to let it sit for a half hour or more, then it starts just fine. I have cleaned/tested the IAC valve, put new gaskets and hoses in, cleaned the MAF and throttle body, but no good. Funny, it started in the winter but only did it then for a few minutes, but now that it's hot out it just won't restart..gonna try changing out the ECT sensor next....Any ideas?? Thanks!!

Motor cranks but no start change also spark plugs and new battery

4h won't engage and there is a knocking noise coming from the front end when I try. Truck had been sitting for awhile but otherwise seems to be running well.

Truck loses power upon acceleration in 3rd, 4th, 5th gear, engine cuts out/sputters, etc. Behavior is consistent. Have replaced TPS, cleaned air cleaner, new plugs, replaced fuel filter. Added a supercharger 15 years ago.

Sometimes when I go over bumps the fan will start working again or when I pound on the dash. Lately I can't get it to come on though. Really need my heat.

truck was starting and running fine, one day got in it to go somewhere and when I press the clutch to start truck, nothing not even clicking. I engaged the button on the floor with my hand and tried to start it but still nothing. friend says maybe relay? or could it be the button on the floor??

replace fuel pump and filter, cat.,o2 sensor 2, air filter,spark plugs,ign. wires ,all 3 coils, TPS sensor, coolant temp. sensor, air filter this 3.4l has no EGR system .

I had all shift solenoids replaced and transmission serviced, also had trans. temp. sensor replaced , I'm thinking its a wiring problem

Been sitting 4 abt 2 months. Feels like brake is struck. Not in tow let position.

I took the truck to a transmission shop, they replaced all shift solenoids, transmission temp. sensor , serviced transmission.
transmission shifts fine through all gears but never locks up for over drive, transmission tech said it could be a wiring issue

Blinker signals work, but no other lights nor gauge work. Ac\heater doesnt even turn air flow through vents. I replaced a 30amp fuse, assuming it was the problem. No luck. Suggestions? Answers?

Problem occurs first thing in the morning when cold and intermittently when on the road. RPMs fluctuate between 2400 & 2700 when in overdrive at highway speeds.