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Will start but only runs a short while, then it doesn't want to restart. It runs then shuts down as if you turned off the engine
I can’t figure out what is is please help
Gas gauge sticks at 1/4 tank, if I fill the tank, it will read correctly but once the needle gets to 1/4, it stays there.
i havve power when i turnthe key but when i turn key to on all power turns off. why?
My t100 will occasionally not go completely in to park. My Reverse light in the dash stopped lighting up a while back thought bulb went out? Left lights on for a few minutes a couple weeks ago, when I went to start it acted as my battery had a poor connection can't remember if I wiggled the shifter and it started. This has happened in the past so I set out to clean the battery terminals, I noticed the positive which was copper was loose and could not be tightened, I purchased a new NAPA connector replace it on the positive lead, and charged the battery. The next day as I was pulling in the driveway, noticed all my dash and gear selector lights went out as I was putting it in park. I tried to start the pickup again and got nothing the clock and dome light dimmed as though I were starting, but no click or attempt to start as though the battery was dead. So I threw the charger on it for a while and nothing. I found my gauge Fuse blown, blows each time I turn switch on. Won't turn over.
Can you by pass the wiring and connect to the pump? Could you put a pump on the rail?
Replace master cylinder bleed all brakes there's pressure at the rear wheels but no pressure at the front wondering if there could be something going on with the proportioning valves or something about a rear leveler valve
1997 toyota t100 3.4.motor swap. Same motor different transmissions. Automatic has a flex plate with two spacers. Manual transmission which is what I have has a flywheel. Do I need to install the two spacers with the flywheel?
I changed the fuel pump and it's still not working what do I do
My A/C and heater will not create any air, it was working fin yesterday with no problems, i changed the fuse, Tried a new blower fan, and now trying to see if it needs a new blower switch, having problems taking the switch out.
It just doesn't seem to have the power it need at all
Why does this keep happening?,how do I get it get it done right at low cost?
When first started takes a few seconds for the transmission to engage.
when the low beam is on if I tilt the steering wheel up the low beams shut off and high beams come on.
If i rev it up for a bit, or after i drive it for a minute it wont stall. However the next time i go to start will stall a couple times again. I have new plugs, wires, EKG valve. New distibutor , new oil n filter, new coolent and new battery. Also replaced the starter. new fuel filter and air filter. Cleaned carbon out as best as i could.
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