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It was sluggish but I know why I checked the codes and looked them up but why did it leak fluid when I turned off the car right away??
It will start, rev up to 3 rpm then shut off. I gave replaced the throttle body sensor with no luck to get it working. Please help
we try to keep weekly track of our mileage but the computer just seems to change on its own back to zero.
All lights and electric windows and seats work yet car does not turn over no check engine light comes on and engine doesnt click as if trying to turn over. Also it will not shift into any is very hard to shift it after releasing shift lock
Transmission just stopped working
When driving with my low beams in particular when going downhill my lights only extend about 10 feet and there is a definite line differentiating the light from the dark.
Gear shift stuck. Battery acid dripped out
The driver side heater and defrost does not work but the pass. side works fine. has separate controls. the seat
heater works on the pass.side but not the drivers side.
Driver's side squeaks in cold weather. More prominent on rough pavement. As soon as the temps it the 40's its gone.
The GPS will not longer work, the car cannot be tracked and the screen froze while driving. The error will not clear. I was told I had to replace the whole $7000 system for an application error. This is a software issue, cannot anyone help.
What do I do when I put a new belt on it and it won’t start but it start without The belt on it
Vehicle has 54K miles. It used to start up as soon as you turned the key. Now it takes several seconds and is gradually getting worse.
I put new gas struts on my trunk it unlatched but we'll not pop up at all on my 2007 Hyundai Sonata trunk can the new sturs be adjusted like a storm door closer
i turn switch all the way up nothing ,they do not work in any position
First occurrence of this problem. Nothing is blowing. I hear no unusual sounds. Light for AC comes on. No fan speeds, no cool air, no heat.
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