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Its an automatic if that makes a difference. Also the car wont start when the fuse is blown is this normal?
ive checked the spark plugs and the fuel pump both of which are fine. the engine cranks over when starting it is just not getting fuel when the fuse is blown.
First one went out and a few days later the other went out. It is the same bulb for hi and low so it should be working. I checked the relays and fuses under the hood and those are all good. What else can I check to get them working again?
engine low idle how can I increase idle
Hear moving water behind dasboard, mainly when accelerating or hard turns. One mechanic says heater core, another said drain may be plugged.
The drivers window works--but the other windows do not
Outside edge is worn.
77k miles: irregular shaking coming from front of car when first turned on. has increased over past month when it first started. almost sounds like it's surging when it's first turned on, like it can't figure out exactly what speed? to run at.
When cooling fan starts running, loud rattling noise is heard in cooling fan. It sounds like fan is hitting plastic parts or something. Does anyone know why??
Will it fit with little or no modifications needing to be made? If modifications are necessary, what exactly would need to be done to be able to use it? Thanks
I just recently bought this car used and I don't know much about its background, but it looks like it was in a small fender bender on the front passenger side. I'm not sure if this is related to the power issues I'm experiencing or not, but it's worth mentioning. The car runs great, but the power controls on the passenger side only work periodically, and the blinker is extremely dim when I have the headlights on resulting in a hyperactive back blinker. I am fairly certain it is not the alternator since speed does not effect it and the brakes are straight as an arrow. Any idea as to the cause and a possible solution?
my car's a/c is real cold but then all of a sudden it turns hot, put gauges on refrigerant good changed cabin filter what else could i do or have i missed
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