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The drivers window works--but the other windows do not

Outside edge is worn.

77k miles: irregular shaking coming from front of car when first turned on. has increased over past month when it first started. almost sounds like it's surging when it's first turned on, like it can't figure out exactly what speed? to run at.

When cooling fan starts running, loud rattling noise is heard in cooling fan. It sounds like fan is hitting plastic parts or something. Does anyone know why??

Will it fit with little or no modifications needing to be made? If modifications are necessary, what exactly would need to be done to be able to use it? Thanks

I just recently bought this car used and I don't know much about its background, but it looks like it was in a small fender bender on the front passenger side. I'm not sure if this is related to the power issues I'm experiencing or not, but it's worth mentioning. The car runs great, but the power controls on the passenger side only work periodically, and the blinker is extremely dim when I have the headlights on resulting in a hyperactive back blinker. I am fairly certain it is not the alternator since speed does not effect it and the brakes are straight as an arrow. Any idea as to the cause and a possible solution?

my car's a/c is real cold but then all of a sudden it turns hot, put gauges on refrigerant good changed cabin filter what else could i do or have i missed

Hatchback door doesn't stay open,have to hold much to repair both,maybe connected? In Canada.

Since I replaced same battery in the remote, the alarm notification spontaneously goes off at random times with random horns and lights flashing-usually mid of night. So I pulled horn fuse and don't set the TCU 'alarm'. Got the lights to quit flashing so I can drive it but not lock doors. Now it started again this morning, erratic morse code sounds, horn blowing lights flashing. How do I reset this thing after replacing the remote battery?

I've get intermittent rough/shaky acceleration, especially when climbing hills. It's not happening all the time, but's it's fairly frequent. I looked at the hoses, they all seem fine. Also, I've tried revving the engine in park and don't notice problems (did on both flat and inclined surfaces), seems to only be a problem when I'm driving, and like I said, going up a hill it's more frequent. The check engine light is NOT on.

2006 kia spectra5
Both handles pull but you can tell that the inside of the handle has a piece broken off. Im still able to open the doors with an "L" wrench. Do i just need a new door handle or the whole outside assembly?

Fuses look good, what could be the problem?

Problem started all of the sudden. Drove it friends house it drove fine when I went to leave blew fuse replaced the fuse twice blows it very time. Could the starter be bad?

it leaks when i try to fill it up it's either from the hose or the tank and the only way to get to it is you have to take the fender off

i taken the car door panel off but where do i go from there i don't have a spec sheet on what to do next i have heard you have to take the window out and i do have power windows and locks

keys have been reprogramed but it has not helped I have two keys and it happens with both
Ant help would be appiciated

its does this for several days and then runs fine for several days.

Are there any other adjustments have to be made to complete the tune up

when I press down the clutch to change gears the rpms go up really high then back down, but if I ride the clutch it goes back up then down again with me never touching the gas. Sometimes when I am idling it will continue to go up down (rpms as if I am reving the engine and letting it go), but not as much as when I initially press the clutch down? Is my clutch going out or is it just an idling issue?

P0708 KIA What is the fix?

Transmission Range Sensor A Circuit High, is coded

I can feel a couple of relays in the fuse panel clicking much like turn signal flashers

Whenever i turn off the Air Conditioning in my car, it will start to idle higher and higher, going all the way up to 3 and sometimes even 4 thousand RPMs, but it goes back down to normal when i turn the A/C or heat on, and there's nothing wrong with the way it drives, only when it is idling.