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Recent service included "full synthetic" oil change, Drove 2 miles back home & found dip stick pushed out from its port and oil had been over filled well beyond MB spec. Drained off almost 2 quarts and oil was pitch black. Never before had a new oil change looked like that. ???? Did they reuse the old oil from the pan replacement they did ???

The position sensor was replaced but I am not sure that there may be a washer that goes under it

This has been an on going problem for a couple of years, I've replaced the ICM numerous times, along with trottle body and it reapears after a hefty bill at the repair shop, now my mechanic informs me that it won't communicate with his scanners..I'm at a complete loss, any help will be Greatly Appreciated, Thanks Russell

Need to take out radio for repair

This car has sat for 6 months but prior to being parked it had no issues, when first started it was sounded fine after 30 min of warming up tried to drive it had no power the idle started to go up and down (with no power) and smokes like a steam engine

The driver side light stays on even if the car is off

Replaced the resister. Blower continues to run w.hen car is off. Have to unplug resister to shut off. Heat, air conditioning, blower and controls all work great, except for blower not shutting off when car is turned off.

Mercedes S420
Passenger Window inches up when closing, rear passengers window inches up, passenger side interior lights, rear tail lights stay on, short in headlamp switch, no radio, no electronic back seat headrest adjustment, sun roof sporadically opens. One owner, original 65k mile sat in garage since 98.
When Starting- engine turns over, very loud clunk.

When I apply the gas it decreases everytime.

new wires high temp. new spark plags . new coil. please help me . henry

The truck and doors have to be slammed in order to lock, truck does not close completely.

Drive for a hour, and out of no were it shouts off with no warning lights.. The whole dash board lights up, it turn over then cuts back off.. Wait ten minutes sense Firestone replace my crank sensor and its starts right up and I can drive home. They can't find the problem, because the car Won't cut off on them. Please Help me. I herd value vapors, throttle body, etc ... Told them guys at shop and they said that isn't the problem..thank you have a bless day.. And the car has 225,123 miles on dash.. Car been drive good until this day.

After sitting overnight it starts right up.

Air condition and heater climate system work normal, bottom and adjust setting functional, the fuse just burn when ignition switch turn on power before start engine. how can I find problem and fix it? thanks for help and share your knowledge.

My car all of a sudden wouldn't shift past 25 miles per hour and was sounding like it was trying to shift but was going all the way into the red. I had my boyfriend drive it and it worked for him. Then i drove it later that day for a bit it was ok and then started again and he then drove it and it did it for him to. If i have to back up it goes into gear just fine but putting it into drive it lags or won't go into gear, i put it into park then drive and it'll go. But it also jumps really hard 4-5 times when its starting to pull its crap. Please help with some sort of answer. Im paying its just needing fluid and not the transmission going out! Im carless until i can figure it out or for good cause i cant replace the transmission because it's very expensive and i have kids so my cars very important. I absolutely love my car!!! This happens every time i drove and the people at Jiffy lube said my cars putting off a smell to, and they said i have a sealed transmission so they couldn't put any fluid or check it for me.

It even does it when I shift into drive or into park. Help.

How ca I fix this to get cold air out the side vents. I checked the fuses and they are good. Even when weather is cold they still blow hot air so is not a vent flow problem.

I purchased this car a little over 2 weeks ago and when I left the dealership the AC worked fine and did up until last weekend. After driving approx 150 miles, the AC stopped blowing cold, the blower worked fine. When I got home, I took the car out the next day, the AC was cold but after a few miles it began to blow hot again. So every time I start it up, it blows cold but after a little while it blows hot again

Fuse #20 located in fuse panel located in the engine compartment near the brake fluid resevoir blows as soon as I start A/C in my 1997 S420. Some further information and a few problems that may or may not be related on my 1997 S420 are as follows:

1. Fuse #20 blows every time I start A/C of the car. The things listed against that fuse are Control Unit, A/C Compressor, Automatic climate control. I turned off the A/C and then replaced fuse #20 and re-start the car not working after going to workshop and reprogram the car it started and again turning on A/C the fuse blows and the car not started till reprogram and also the center lock of remote is not working after this happen but it working from button inside the car.

2. I went to many workshops no one know the reason every one saying may be wire expose problem but no one can find which wire.

3. The A/C fan is currently off for starting the car. I don't understand the issue with fuse #20 which keeps blowing.

What is the procedure for getting the drivers side door panel off to gain access to the window regulator?

For getting the drivers door panel off to gain access to the window regulator?

had to remove the transmission cross member to get to it

All my windows & sunroof stop working. No bad fuses. Seats & mirrors work only with door open.