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upon ignition the defroster starts and has to be manually turned off so the ac will come on.
dealer states-rear toe links are loose and need to be replaced-no tire wear-no effect while driving
My 2016 Buick has spots abt 1/4 wide that looks like the leather discolored . My nephew mentioned it could be from the heated steering wheel. Could this be the problem?
I had a intermittent starting issue (crank no start) that seems to have manifested itself into a no crank no start. When this first happened I jumped it and it slowly started and ran. I got the battery tested and it was bad. I replaced the battery with a new one that was tested and proven good. Once I put it in the car, it still started slowly but ran and drove. I shut it off and left it for about 3 hours. When I came back and tried to start it, it cranked but seemed to gradually get slower then completely stopped. No crank at all when I turned the key. I checked battery voltage and it showed 12.69v and tested good again. I probed the yellow wire from the ignition switch with a test light when the key is in the start position and it did light up. Hit the starter with a hammer with no result. I switched relays around but still nothing. Crank relay has constant and cranking voltage. Fuses are good. Check engine light stays on in crank position. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Fan motor works but no hot air.
I am getting error code p0442. My gas cap loose message comes on randomly also. I'm also running through gas faster than usual.
All will light up the numbers will appear but nothing will not come out. No heat or air
Do not know how to get into it and need advice
Why is my emergency park brake light turning off and on, with the sound of the light licking? when I release the emergency brake. As well as why does my headlights turn off & my high beams turn on? As well as my heat is not working it was working JUST find yesterday. My car has been sitting I can't remember for how long but, went and got my vehicle back yesterday and it was working except the emergency brake light was cutting off and on. no there are no leaks from what I can tell and no noises. Radio lights light up as well but radio CD player deck don't work
all of the normal lights on the control panel remain after start up, such as ABS light
The plugs, wires, and ignition could are good. It is getting fuel, and there are no codes coming up on obd, except for a generic misfire code and egr no flow during purge. Is this symptomatic of a clogged muffler or catalytic converting? The car accelerates as long as it gets pushed easy, hard to accelerate when need to do so quickly.
trunk, inside light, working backward, closed= on? I can't find the switch that effected by lid position either. Also the door/trunk ajar light stays lit when running ? Any practical (i can try) incite will be appreciated. SIA Ronald
Put in a new battery and now my 2011 enclave will not turn over.
I hit a deer and it tore up my whole front end. I had to replace the radiator, etc. So now I need to know what do I need to put back into it. The used one I put in had some kind of green looking fluid. Do I fill the radiator up with that or do I also add water or just water, or what?
When we go to the information tab, it will not give us the speedometer information. We recently had new tires installed and noticed this after. Would our dealer be able to solve this problem. We have not had this problem before.
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