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my ac blows hot air, it is a used car I just bought. can I just recharge it, or do I need to vacuum out the old coolant?

Took out filter housing to get to the low pressure port. when I crank the car to start recharge car will not turn over

When hot outside car will stall and die untill it cools off then will start.Happens all the time when hot outside.

The a.c. light blinks 3 times and go off the air conditioning will not come on.

This light just came on.

Stays on heater position will not switch

Replaced master cylinder. Air in lines and unable to bleed them without replacing calipers. Need to get inspected for registration renewal.

from the mirror assembly. No set screw found.

have changed fuel pump, fuel filter, checked all coil packs put in new battery

The key will not turn in the ignition lock. I'm a very inclined mechanic myself, and I'm going to replace the cylinder lock, but to remove it you need to be able to turn the key. Is there anything I can do to get it to turn other than drilling out the tumblers? I've tried everything normal, turning the wheel, moving the shifter, making sure there is nothing inside it etc. No matter what I do though it will not turn, and I've tried both of my keys.
I wasn't sure if there was a release for it to allow me to turn it or something of the sort. Any help is appreciated.
I already have the trim removed around the steering wheel and access to the lock.

Car says hot and overheated but when it engaged fan right away cooled it down and then when lifted the hood there was oil that dropped down over the motor cover, lost only 1/2 a quart

This is the 2nd time the last time it just went off by its self

The air works fine. But the ticking sound is very annoying. Was told I would have to pay 200-300 to remove the dash to fix it. Anyone have a cheaper fix.

I'm having an issue with the vent temp the a/c at idle is 60 deg. but when driving around 40 mph the temp comes down to around 50 deg. it never runs at 40 deg. why is that

I'm curious to see what the cost is and what caused it

Engine light keeps coming on. .Have had the code pulled twice. Been told low voltage. Had complete diagnostic done at dealer. Was told they couldn't find anything wrong. Afraid car is going to die on me . Car drives nicely. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

it will come on both a/c or heater.
the a/c came on after hitting a bump in the road (once)

Do you have to take the motor mounts loose

ABS Brake system light is on


What to replace all of the motor mounts..Motor has to much movement when placed on drive or reverse

took car for an oil change and now it wont start they said it was fuel pump but i know there is a relay fuse and a reset button SOME WHERE ? Please help cant afford a fuel pump & sending unit or i think its they pumped the gas on a fuel injected car.. a big NO NO..

car never overheated

My car has been parked for 3 years and has not been started at all and now I have charged the battery but it will not start it will start if it is hot wired only for a min with a new battery... All the lights flash like its a security issue?? The key im using is a replacement original was lost long ago Im the 1st and only owner any suggestions

Changed oil changed radiator fluid changed spark plugs and wires. Like I said it starts fine on cold start but after being driven for awhile car won't start

Has happened three times, and when we go back few hours later it starts. We recently got it home only to go back out and try again and again it just cranked but would not start. No codes come up on the machine?

Feels like nothing's wrong. 1 repair guy says there ok. 1 says I do need ball joints. The other says the car is unsafe to drive. Who do I believe?

It has battery power,lights it just acts like it's not getting any spark,it has gas in it.

Does anyone have any suggestions.