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Changed fuel pump and fuel pump on 2009 Buick Lucerne still won’t start. What could it be?
I was charged 220.00 I'm labor costs and the same amount for a tensioner assembly. Am being told I was ripped off. What should the cost have been?
This problem just happened. There was no noise at all when it shut off.
All stopped at once when i turned on car one day, radio has the illumination lights on, and when pressing recall, clock shows up but disappears after a few seconds, windows and cab lights stopped working at same time also. Brought it in to get it worked on for an hour because didn't want to put to much money in it, they checked common areas to were some wires break, and communicated with body control module, there guess was to try and replace the radio or body control module because they weren't sure if the BCM was 100% in working order or to check the ground wire to the BCM, any other tips?

I have a video that shows the faint knocking noise that I can hear when driving. It appears to happen regardless of whether the car is accelerating, braking, or coastindg in neutral. It sounds like sometimhing is flapping in the wind and I have no idea what it is.
I can't put it all the way in park and the key wont come out what could I do
2006 rendezvous
I have a Park Avenue Buick 1995 and my oil gauge goes to close to zero and the red light comes on like it is about to shut off but I have to put it in neutral and then I would have to hit the gas so the gauge goes up why do I have to or what is going on with this car I say to myself I changed the oil . when I slow down it still goes close to zero but I do not know why when I get a oil change the gauge still goes down to 0 after going a few miles like I was going to work it still goes to close to the zero and the red lights start to flicker.
The car had minor issues (Locks did their own thing, lights did their own thing, and engine would occasionally cut out but would start right back up) with the sketchy hackjob of a remote starter install. All of a sudden I hit the brake, then the engine cut out. The brand is a CodeAlarm SureStart XL (That name proved useless) with a Avital "Gm Passlock Module" wired in somewhere along the line. I pulled the footwell apart, touched the "Remote Start Starter Relay + In" to the "Ign Feed + In", turned the key, and it fired up. As soon as I hit the brake in any gear it shuts right off. No security light is even wired, and I'm not sure if it has a factory keyless entry. The factory module was taken out altogether. When I turn the key the BRAKE (Not ABS) light comes on with the key tuned to Start. After I tore out the module the BRAKE, ABS, TEMP, and Battery light all come on. This is why I hate remote starters that aren't factory from the it rolled off the line. All 3 keys do the same thing.
problem is always. horn won't work. All relays and fuses are okay. The connection on steering wheel is the problem . It will not connect and the horn is unplugged at that point because it would constantly blow
I recently had my car worked on by a mechanic and now the radio says locked is there an easy way I can fix this on my own?
My car got a bunch of service soon messages on it for my blind side detection, tire pressure, air bag and then speedometer and all dash board games did not work or my radio. Not sure what could be causing all this at one time all of the sudden.
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Battery died after sitting for few months,so o put new 1 in but now it has power but won't start and security light stays on
I think I need to replace the pump but not sure what that would cost
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