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I have an 05 titan with 233,000 miles , I has twice failed to start, This is what happens and it happens randomly. Has a new battery (duracell). I happens when the engine is warmed up. On the first attempt to crank I will not do anything . after a few attempts starts to click under the dash in the passenger side. then after several tries it starts the click at the solenoid., after several more attempts it will start .
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when the engine is hot
How long have you had this problem? few weeks,but I have only had it for a few weeks
Trying to find out what the three relays under the dash left of steering column are
My Nissan Titan if you gassed it one time, would spit and sputter but not die. We would kill it then start it again and it would be fine. Now it slowly progressed and now it's spitting and sputtering and will actually die on us. We have to kill it and start it back at every stop sign and red light and as were going well have to put it in neutral and kill it too. It acts like either the throttle body, fuel filter or fuel pump is acting up but we're not sure which it could be. We tried changing the IPDM and fuse box. Oh if you disconnect the battery it helps for and hour or less.
When the car reaches 60mph it beeps, when I come to a curve in the road the truck beeps. How do I disable those alerts?
They truck over heated then I filled it up with water and coolent it ran fine I was on a 75 mph highway on a 30 min drive. I didn't notice any shaking but now after it heating up again I noticed a leak in the radiator and now it has a little shake when I am driving and at idle. Does anyone know what could be causing it to shake?
I have a 2005 Nissan titan 4 wheel drive and was looking into getting a 2008 parts truck. will the axles fit my 2005 without major modifications.
It turns over but won't start,
Check light was on for some time befor. Check all systems and fescues
Still won't start
Checked what fuses i could find for radio??
While driving will the brake and gas pedal adjusters cause the front brakes to lock. The truck will slow down and stop. How can you fix it. Just purchased the truck.
Just happend this week does not appear to affect anything else. Brakes work but abs does not and truck will not engage in 4WD
Front differential carrier leak
Passenger lock is sticking
My left back tire on my 2005 4x4 titan broke the wheel studs off and the whole tire come off while backing out my drive I replaced the studs and a new rim well a week later my same tire strips the lugs again not breaking them this time and the wheel comes off again once again I replace studs put the tire back on I now inspect it closely and notice a slight wobble while driving I can't feel it wobble while driving it's only noticeable to the eyes it also makes a clicking sound some times while stopping and taking off also with the truck on jack stands the wheel off I can spin the wheel hub with tranny in park
Sometimes it feels like it slipping and then it fine for days no check light
My 2008 Nissan Titan engine idles over 1 RPM at standing idle,why!
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