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It turns over but won't start,
Check light was on for some time befor. Check all systems and fescues
Still won't start

Checked what fuses i could find for radio??

While driving will the brake and gas pedal adjusters cause the front brakes to lock. The truck will slow down and stop. How can you fix it. Just purchased the truck.

Just happend this week does not appear to affect anything else. Brakes work but abs does not and truck will not engage in 4WD

Front differential carrier leak

Passenger lock is sticking

My left back tire on my 2005 4x4 titan broke the wheel studs off and the whole tire come off while backing out my drive I replaced the studs and a new rim well a week later my same tire strips the lugs again not breaking them this time and the wheel comes off again once again I replace studs put the tire back on I now inspect it closely and notice a slight wobble while driving I can't feel it wobble while driving it's only noticeable to the eyes it also makes a clicking sound some times while stopping and taking off also with the truck on jack stands the wheel off I can spin the wheel hub with tranny in park

Sometimes it feels like it slipping and then it fine for days no check light

My 2008 Nissan Titan engine idles over 1 RPM at standing idle,why!

How much to fix front differential

Dealership does not know what is wrong

B-LSD light on and 4 wheel drive will not come on. 4x4 2004 Nissan Titan

The gas pedal has no affect . I was cruising at about 70mph and went to accelerate when the truck stalled it will start but won't idle any ideas on what the issue is ? 05 titan

I start my truck put it in D and the truck take don't respond when I step on the gas .The truck dos too in gear,sometimes it will move sometime it don't.I would want to know the problem and how to fix it.

Heavy oil usage (1-2 quarts per week) despite power test showing equal compression in all 8 and oil been changed timely. Plugs 2 & 4 need regular cleaning. Dealership/3rd party mechanics all say the engine is fine and won't work on it. Could vandalism cause this?

looking for Differential for Nissan Titan 2006

where is the transmission filter located?

My front left side only wheel bearing first went on me about 2 months ago. Since the replacement I have had the same bearing go on me 3 more times. At first we thought it was a bad part now it has to be something so much more. Each replacement bearing only lasts about 300 miles.

How to install the halfshaft

The problem just started it never turns off. The fan on occasion in the past would turn from low to high on its own, but when I turned off the switch it always turned off completely until nom

Heater just blows cold air. clicking sound coming from heater/ac.

Last time everything was shut down and turned off over night and it worked fine the next day.

replaced battery twice. second time with a bigger one. has to be jump started every morning. no problems rest of day. going on 4th winter. no one seems to know what problem is