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Shut car off and now hazard lights and brake lights wont tyrn off. On the 1995 540i whetes the relay switch location to change out
As far as performance, such as 0 to 60 and the quarter mile.?Further how much wear and tear should I expect in terms of miles for reliability,driving very responsible Of course.Thank you.Before considering adding a supercharger to this vehicle, I had a compression test done, all reading she came in at 180/182 PSI.The mechanic told me that was unusual to see such tight readings on a 19-year-old car with 78,000 miles
Has anybody added a VF Engineering supercharger. The car has 78k Along with the full-Dinan package.Any feedback would be very helpful and much appreciated,further thought would anybody recommend upgrading the front brake system to stop tech, that means I would have to upgrade my current Rims(17)to the 18s,Would it be worth the cost and expense, for the brake kit and then Of course tires. Thank you for your time and consideration...
Also considering going to the champion SAC rims which are quite expensive but are also very light at 18 lb per rim as I understand it.I was told by my mechanic that it would be the equivalent of adding Approximately 50 more horsepower to the car,Can that be true?I plan on holding his car so I drive wheels off of it. I know I’ll never see my money back. But the car is been so reliable and just keep running like clockwork.Again any thoughts would be extremely appreciated. Look forward to hearing back.

We just recently changed the battery and everything works its just that when i stop in a stop light or stop sign my car turns off i just need to put it on neutral and turn it back on it is a 2002 bmw 540 i
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It stops when i am on a light or stop sign
How long have you had this problem? Just now
I also feel vibration
Car sounds like it is fixing to blow up a lot of ticking sounds.
Iam having, trouble opening hood and I also want to do oil change and ha ve no idea how it is is different from other cars I have had
a few weeks ago I experienced a rear brakes total lock up after trudging it home it was flaming hot and extinguished fire with garden hose. I know fundamentals of engines and drive train functions but not ABS friendly yet so after three more brake lock ups and a grip of Christmas present money to by my family gifts spent for parts its waiting for a solution and parts I cant afford and top it off with a water pump replacement with a idler pulley and belts and thermostat housing and censor and 4 hundred more bucks Im in a slump and a few words of advise from different sources some reasonable and some not. Seems like my professionally inclined sources are the least interested with the potential mother load and labor they would make off of me and with that said why not tell me up front its more than they can handle and find a bmw specialist. Truth is its a car with more problems than I have money. I like the car very much so I need to find out the right thing to do. The check engine lights on and at this point the brakes are not locked up. I have not tried to do anything since the last lockup . They must have cooled off and returned the rotor pistons so its drivable but Im afraid to go through it again. Do you recommend an ABS MODULE replacement or rebuild or what else can it be.? I also replaced The master cylinder . no leeks of fluid or no air in lines .I used the proper brake fluids recommended for that specific model and make. Its got mls. on it and runs cool and well all functional. Thanks for reading my little problem and please respond with a report on all posiblities.
They worked then would only work on high then quit completely
Fuel gauge stay on empty. Change sending unit on drivers side tank checked voltage to sending unit. Ps new unit Installed
on , does this have something to do with my brake cylinder too?
timing guides replacement
I was driving an the rear end started making a steady clicking noise, gave it a little gas an it didn't want to go, almost got to the house and it was like the car went neutral. I put it in drive, park, reverse, everything an nothing happens, what could it be?
And passenger mirror doesn't move in reverse either..
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