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On my menu in my truck when I'm driving my truck the battery voltage goes from 13 or 14 back and forth back and forth
My driver side fog light is out but my passenger side comes on normally. I've changed both bulbs and still the same problem. I've checked and there is power to both lights but just my driver side will not turn on. I've cleaned the connections and still nothing. What else would you recommend I do?
Just wondering what its function is...doesn’t seem cause any problem unattached
Yesterday It was in limp mode and would only work in 4th gear I replaced the solenoid pack/ block from my understanding it was in a limp mode and that was the fix. Replaced filled with fluid. It now thinks its in reverse. Needed to be, put in 4x4 low to get up on the stands before the removal. So now that will not change, it needs to be in neutral. And it will not start because it thinks it's in reverse.
can i drive it to the dealer that is 40 mile away with out hurting anything 2013 1500 ram truck
On my 2017 ram 1500 I've added led high beams,low beams and fog lights. Since then I've gotten a "parking light out" message on my cluster every time I apply the brakes and activate my turn signals. Any idea why?
2015 ram 1500 had a code P018C
my 2011 dodge ram 1500 quad cab with 5.7 litre engine sta1ls sometimes when I come to a stop and a red light or stop sign, then I place in neutral and it will start right up again. what could be the problem
I used my truck good all day and all of a sudden it won’t let me go into drive but straight to 4th gear, I can use reverse and I got all the oils changed
I bought the RAM new in August 2012. Yesterday while backing up, I noticed that the camera was viewing the bumper and hitch. How can I adjust it's view back to the factory setting.
How long have you had this problem? 1 day
I have a Ram 1500 2013. A mouse ate a hole in the plastic box that the ac dryer dumps its water in. This container is in back of the top glove box. The Ram shop says the complete dash has to be removed for a fix. Can it be repaired without this removing the dash? Thanks in advance
John S.
PS He found this with a mirror and light from the floor board.
How do i know if it is defective or just a glitch and there is a easy fix?
Flowmaster super 10 mufflers behind the tips would that act the same as having 1 super 10 muffler that connects the two pipes together? I'm trying to get my exhaust loud as possible with just replacing the muffler, so 2 super 10s near the dual tips? Or one super 10 in the middle of the pipe connecting the two exit pipes together?
Need to start and stop engine a couple of times before it will shift to drive.
I have verified the running lights work on my trailer.
However, when I plug the trailer connection into the truck connection, the running lights do not work.
I verified with a meter that I do not have 12 v power at the truck connector pin at 11:00 position. Is it not wired in or is there a fuse I need to install?
Trailer brake was not factory installed. But I do have the tow / haul button.
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