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2006 BMW X5 3.0i. Rear wiper motor literally broke into pieces presumably as a result of struggling against ice. No problems with the rear wiper motor leading up to this failure. Ordered a used rear wiper motor and installed it. Still doesn't work. Checked both fuses as good. There is power at the plastic connector for the wiper motor assembly and the ground checks out good as well. I don't believe there is a relay for the rear wiper motor. All other aspects of rear hatch work fine (defroster, lights, locking mechanism, washer pump). I cycled the wiper stalk at the steering wheel with still no operation of the rear wiper motor. At this point I suspect it could either be a defective used rear wiper motor or possibly a defective switch at the stalk. I see no burn marks, smell nothing that would suggest an issue with the circuit board at the wiper motor itself. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
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Sometimes car just cranks over will not start right away thenn starts and on screen will say transmission malfunction then let car sit for little bit the car starts right up and the transmission fault is gone
The computer read Drivetrain malfunction and the car started to shake and a Smokey smell emitted from the car.
Car is a 328i year 2013
Have there been similar problems with this malfunction
I own a 2005 bmw 545i with a smg transmission. The car starts up fine everything it’s in mint condition. But one day I went to srice the car put the e-brake down and put it in reverse and the car stayed in neutral. You can throw from reverse to drive and car Dosent move. On the screen it says transmission malfunction reverse neutral and gears 1-3 avalaiable but car stays in neutral . I had a mechanic come and plug it in and it ran codes saying it was the hydraulic pump. Is that what it sounds like it could be?? Thank you
Battery died! After charging from the truck battery, Now my key will not let me open the doors! Is it a deadlock system on and how can I get in the car?
I was told 879.00 plus tax to fix my 04 BMW 325 ci. Is this reasonable price?
No issues just scheduled maintenence
the dash says car isn't in park. it flashes from N to P
I have a ODM MONITOR that will not pick the scan on it............... How can I fix it................ Came on about two weeks ago............... Don't want to go to a BMW dealer.................. after I went through a Car Wash...........
i drive it for hospice i can go to several houses it will start right up but then i can go to next house it wont start then i can wait for awhile it will start but sometimes it can take a hour or more
The mechanic saw the oil under the engine on top of the plastic cover when it was removed for repairs. its leaking between the rear of the engine and the transmission.
Came home to find break lights on that won't go off and most lights on dashboard on
The problem is when's it's in the garage also when driving .
My car details: BMW 2013 328i model.

While driving on a freeway the warning came up ""Drive Moderately. Increased steering effort required". I took it to the dealer and he is charging 600 USD for a software update that will fix the problem. Any clue what is the problem and how can one resolve this problem on his own. Looks like customer needs to pay for BMW software bugs.
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