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I changed the battery for a new one because the car I have it park for 3 months
and the old battery was no good but now I put a new one and the car won't start all lights are on but is no crank or noise of starting at all I turned the key all away but nothing

Directly and also my battery goes dead overnight what is it

Code P1400 and P1405 and the solution to fix it.

Stuck in 2nd gear

Can't figure out why right turn signal want work?

Best oil to use and the number of quarts for 2010 750i

My car is to low in the front

First time it happened, first turn the key, nothing, then clicking sound, then start, battery , starter, fuse ?


where is the battery at

Is 3500.00 too much for ac compressor repair? How do I know if I really need this- blowing hot air. Dealer says I need this.

The dealer is telling me the lines need replacing for another 4K. Why?!

I want to know which bulb is the low beam and which is the high beam because I turn my switch just once and it turns on the the two inside lights which are not bright at all then I turn it once more and the outside light comes on once which I believe is the low beam and when I turn on my high beam the 2 inside ones that were not bright at all turn on really bright this time. So are the low beams and high beams separate or together is a main question and if they are together do they go on the outside part of my headlights lamps ? This is all so confusing hope someone can help please

Daughter looking to buy. Never had a foreign car before. Wondering if worth the money and what to expect in future costs.

It happens when I accelerate somewhat hard...

old engine seized when radiator broke and driver kept driving.

Steering back information gone wiper turn on without putting on and then could not stop second engine start no dashboard lights on but other thing works for

Does it have to b reset

When I entered the freeway on ramp (it is quite a tight round curve) the 4x4 indicator lamp flashed on for just a second & the car shook a bit, it stopped when I straightened the wheel & accelerated.

Charged the battery had the battery checked still won't start all internal lights come on radio etc. replaced the battery in the remoteless key

Error message comes and goes. Fuel and efficiency fluxuates

I reset my oil reset light and it stayed on 650 it did not return to the 15000. How do I make it go back to the original 15000

I would like to know if I can fit the mirrors from a 2001 325i to a 2006 325i
before I make the purchase.

Car fill like it's not getting enough of something

I was driving to work two months ago and the moror just started bouncing around almost dying... finally got to work almost in limp mode at the end of the day I brought it to a local shop and they couldn't find any codes wrong in the motor they wanted to replace the motor after finding no compression in the first and third chambers.. so I had it towed from that shop because they wanted to replace the motor I was thinking there's too few miles on that motor to be replaced so I had it brought to BMW of Riverside and they want nine hundred bucks just to lower the oil pan... and also found out there was a recall on an inline oil line they won't replace it cuz it's out of warranty and they want past records which I don't have of my oil changes should I have a brought somewhere else.... I hear they don't make 328i Motors anymore for some reason

all systems (running, brake lights and turn signals), are working. Sometimes the display shuts off on its own. Other times it stays on for hours. Any ideas?

There are no visible leaks under pressure.

Trunk won't open electronically, gas hatch won't open electronically, top won't go down, IF windows go up, they stutter open once key is inserted and won't go back up.
Interior and trunk lights blink.I charged battery for approximately 90 minutes and everything worked perfectly for one day, battery went dead after two days without driving, so replaced battery and all above problems continue.

There was antifreeze that leaked out

Making a noise when turn right