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power windows don't work.
I also checked and tested the starter and it's good. It started doing this litreally overnight. What is causing this?
Transmission leak has been for about 2 weeks fuel leak just started gas spiders out of a line when the gas pedal is pressed
my headlights don't come on.
put power to them and they come on.
lights are fine.
is there a relay or fuse.
getting fire to plugs and injectors but no fuel getting to cylinders. fuel pressure is 32 psi
Veh wont start fuel pressure was 35 psi its getting fire to plugs getting fire to injectors. no fuel getting into cylinders
i i changed the mass flew sensor thinking that was the problem but after driving an hour or so when i push the gas pedal to go it starts shaking
I went to get in my car and the clutch went down but won't come up
Replaced the starter 5X in the last year with new & rebuilt-still clicks and grinds. Speedometer goes to & stays at 40mph when moving, Temp gauge moves to cold whenever I step on the gas. Any ideas? Looking for new rear coil springs-discontinued by Nissan-does anyone else make them? Thanks
im trying to set the timing on this car
don,t even know if it,s frt or rear
2.0 engine with overdrive ?
took the starter out put in vise it worked fine ran new wire from bat. to started turned the key started right up wy wife got in won't start at all
I am changing my timing chain, tensioner, guides and sprocket. the crankshaft mark on the new sprocket is 180 degrees from the keyway. The old sprocket mark is aprox 160 degrees from the keyway. What rule due I follow, Keep the shaft key marks at 12:00 or match the chain marks to the sproket mark which would put the crankshaft key mark 20 degrees to the left of 12:00?
i just bought the car
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