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the car just will not shift out of frist gear it is stuck
Car leaked lots of water from under, I kept driving car cut off. Made it home and next morning i checked oil and it look like a milk shake, is my head gasket blown? Dont know much about cars but i am willing to learn, is this job to big to do myself what ever the problem is. Please help if can thanks
el fan stoped working car overheated next day drove it then would not start turns over thats it
i have a 92 slc vr6 corrado and i would like to find directions to removing the water pump so i can replace the gasket which i do believe is leaking. any help is appreciated tyvm...josh :D
Where is the thermostat on this car?!
it had just rained and i was in the left lane on a two way street on long island in NY. The car is owned and registered to me in georgia, under base liability coverage.

17 year old girl stops to make a left turn, older couple make an abrupt stop, 17 year old boy hits his brakes and tap the older couple up front and i barrel into the kid.

Just after it happens the kid infront of me admits fault infront of all the drivers, couple mins leter a family friend of the kid in front of me shows up and starts to speak for him.

i guess my question is, is there any way i could get his insuarance company to pay for damages. i know in new york state whome ever is at the rear of any incident gets rear ended(screwed) i figure my insuarance co will pay for his damages but could i get his insuarance co to admit fault?

Please help. What shoud i do?
just need to know where the motor mounts are and if there were ever any problems out of the motor mounts? (e.g. recalls, weak, break really easy.)
Hello all,

My oil pressure light keeps coming on and I don't know why. The beeping is driving me CRAZY!!!

I just changed my oil so I know it has the correct amount of oil in it.

The oil pressure indicator does not drop below the 2 bar when above 2000 rpm so the pressure is correct according to the factory car manual.

The multi-function Indicator on the dash is not giving me the Engine Oil you think it's a sensor that is making this happen.

What is the purpose of the window regulator? Also my window came down and will not go up, the cable has it jammed in the door. What do I buy to fix the problem?
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