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Just want to know what the abc is and what its for.
Hi, 2007 SL550 AMG, Trunk battery drained over winter, recharged, but now key fob wont work . all batteries good, Including Key Fob
I was just wondering if you have any ideas
variable wind noise at speeds over 40mph at a post, front lower corner by mirror? left side only
Trunk will not unlock with inside switch, manually or with fob. Doors will not unlock with outside door handle touch feature or fob.
Push open doors on fob and the fuel door popped open ,now it won't latch shut
What pressure should be on struts?
I had a passenger in my car and oil dripped 4-5 drops down on her. I then noticed a some oil on part of the window. oil looked and smelled like motor oil.
I want to change the light assembly it was busted somehow!
After changing battery in SMART Key, I cannot touch lock and unlock the car.
cd makes noise and got stuck needs to take it apart
I opened it once using the inside button but now it is locked and will only open with the mechanical key not with the smart key or the inside button.
How do I get it to stay unlocked so the remotes will work?
I have audio on park assist but not working plus there is no view on screen of what's behind me or audio sounds.
After filling tank. Started engine and would not leave park position. Turned off engine and tried to restart and car would not start or even turn over. Power still working in vehicle. Had towed to Mercedes dealership. Apparently after 2 days sitting in lot it started They performed diagnostic test but couldn't communicate with front SAM. Performed tests and determined internal open in pass front SAM. Replaced and programmed pass front SAM and starts every time. $1000 repair. Does this make sense?
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