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After got it too stop, now security is on and wont start, the dash is on luke the key is in it???
I noticed an adapter thats not hooked into anything so was wondering what part could be missing
Has new battery and fuel pressure and fuses relays are ok just won't stay running what could it be
The passenger mirror assembly is broken
How do I fix it?
hello i have 1994 C200 mercedes benz the right turn signal is not working thanks
Recently installed used engine
I change the battery on it. But the battery light is on while I drive but goes away while I'm driving then comes on again when I starts OK AC works radio works .funny thing is WEN the battery light turns on also that ABS one does to then the abs goes away with battery light when I'm driving
thats all i need to say
when I activate the AC the car won't speed up properly
The temperature gauge, did go up while I was parked, I did hear a fan running, to cool the engine, I noticed just a little water on the ground when I backed out no coolant color though.
car will not idle it stalls and the oil is a white milky color with a fuel smell
where is it? Pls. illustrate
code P0325 - knock sensor 1 circuit bank 1 or single sensor
Car had been sitting awaiting new battery which I got.Neighbor said gas was old and something called seafoam was added.Car srove to work fine but after 12hr shift on way home unbearable alarm went off about 10min then stopped
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