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Some times I turn the ignition with the key and sometimes it doesn't seem to do anything
I was driving and my car it was run thin it stop while driving.
When I press the button to unlock or lock the car there is no response. I'm using the key manually and I didn't notice the red or green lights go on. So the car only starts for a couple of minutes then it won't start at all. Then the car does not fire up like something's cutting out and no fuel is getting through.
The car starts in the morning but will not stay on. I have a full tank of gas.
The car will only stay on about 5 minutes then it seems it is not getting gas to the right places.
what could it be when the car is hard to start and when it starts the is a noise coming from the motor head?

I opened the trunk and something snapped and trunk light almost popped out. I can open the trunk all the way up. what needs to be repaired?
Bought a new one, but still having starting problem every 2 or 3 starts.
I have my 94 Mercedes c220. When I press the climate buttons no air or anything comes out of the vents. No heat no air at all. What should I do to get this fixed ASAP? The heat and air were coming out before I parked it a while ago. It has been sitting for over 8 months
After got it too stop, now security is on and wont start, the dash is on luke the key is in it???
I noticed an adapter thats not hooked into anything so was wondering what part could be missing
Has new battery and fuel pressure and fuses relays are ok just won't stay running what could it be
The passenger mirror assembly is broken
How do I fix it?
hello i have 1994 C200 mercedes benz the right turn signal is not working thanks
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