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Had head gasket changed because car overheated. Also changed spark plug wires, but now every time you slow down and let your foot off the gas pedal the car jerks. Even when you go to accelerate it jerks.
I spun my tires on gravel a few days ago and right after the check engine light came on giving the knock sensor error code. The engine also appears to be leaking oil but I can't tell where its coming from. It is also leaking very inconsistently and the check engine light doesn't stay on all the time. Help?
Brakes have been a problem and Mazda technician found the left rear caliper to be badly worn and leaking. Right side is in better shape. They do not rebuild. Should I replace both rear calipers at once?
been sitting 1 yr. added fuel additive, using prem fuel, changed spark plugs, wires, coil packs, HELP
just changed the radiator and thermostat and when flushing I noticed oil in the coolant
When I come to a halt at a red light my car stutters. If I don't keep the RPM's at 1000 the car will stall. I've replaced spark plugs and wires, but the problem has yet to disappear. Any ideas to what may be causing this problem?

Also would anyone know where I could get cheap parts like bumpers, fenders etc?
With the engine running if I open the oil fill i see positive pressure. Is this normal? Also there is an oil leak at the valve cover gasket (I guess as a consequence )
My car won't shift any higher than second gear
I recently went to get my oil changed and found out there was splitting on the inner side of the two back snow tires. I looked at it and since the tires were about 3 years old, I decided to replace them. The head mechanic told me he was going to order me all weather tires and put them on the next day. He did so and the car drives great. However, I am concerned that once winter hits, the car is going to start spinning out easily since the two back tires aren't snow tires (my dad has had issues with this when he still had this car). The mechanic told me it shouldn't be an issue however I would like a second opinion from anyone who can help! Especially since I could bring the tires back and then upgrade to two more snow tires.

I have a mazda protégé 5 I change all the coil sparkplug and wires fuel pump and filter but the car still misfires when y push the gas start misfire but whe goes to 200 rpm runs good
It used to stick in park and neutral. Now whenever I stop driving it won't engage park or reverse. It doesn't stick anymore and it shifts into gear, just won't engage.
Car runs fine and idles fine but vibrates in park and in drive, like when you stop and vibrates worse in reverse but also not moving.
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