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What needs to be done to my car a 2004 mercury grand marquis LS at 145,000 mipes
Sometimes the engine turns over and sometimes it takes a few clicks.
I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis with exterior lights on the passenger doors. Over the years they have broken, I have done research into finding replacements but do not know what the part is called.
Run good on first start up when it warms up the idle is aractic an it will die comeing to a stop then it wont start basck up untill u let it sit for awhile then it will started but idle is still rough an it seruges real bad an then it will smoth out but still idle off
Rurf idle when it warm up an stall out when comeing to a stop an have a hard time restarting it untill it sits then it will start up an the idle stay ruf unleess it cool down
The blower motor is working however there must be some electrical relay issue because the blower motor will not blow ..
This just happened blower motor just quit blowing however I checked it in the blower motors Goods just not getting power what could be the problem
This happens all the time when I drive
Was driving my 06 marquiz when the heat turned off and on by itself. Also the wipers only work on high mode. Not sure if it is electrical or what is it
Fuse what number fuse is it
I have a 2008 Mercury marquis and the door lock buttons, trunk lid button and remote do not work.
They will work intermittently. Is it the actuator, module or a short?
When idling heater blows cold air. When running at normal speed heat works. I have noticed water in tank was low. Put water in. Not noticed any leak.
Car just stopped running. I've checked everything.
Just bought this car and it was cheap put new battery in and drove it about 10 miles home it seems to shift ruff and never went into overdrive so I drove it back at about 40 to get it home it’s also seems to vibrate
Has two screens. One is ur milage and gear shifter indicated. The other window is for ur vehicle check and reset window. They are lit up but nothing else. No letters numbers nothing
1993 mercury sable LS gas indicator is off I fill it up all the way and by the halfway mark its empty. Is this an cheap or expensive fix? Also, same price questions for adding carseat anchors to this model and year with carseat kits in my possession.
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