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I replaced my diverter valve now I have a pressure drop code reading pressure drop between turbo and throttle check diverter valve and I have no vacuum leak cannot figure it out what is this?
When it cools, it cools very well! But sometimes it doesn't start cooling until I stop at a red light & take off again. It doesn't want to cool if I am continually moving. Sometimes if I turn the A/C off & on, it will start cooling. It also may be that this happens more often after the car has been sitting in the sun.

As said, this doesn't happen all the time. The compressor is cooling! It just doesn't come on sometimes, unless I stop or turn off & on.
there is a burning plastic smell coming out fron rear a/c airvent of a 2007 passat
When the motor reaches the optimal temperature or the weather is werry hot, the ABS and the brake warning light come on. Then the transmission kicks down in third gear and will not operat properly until it cools down. This problem only occur in the summer. Other times the transmission is fine. Brake fluid is at maximum level.
I have a 2006 vw passat 2.0t with a parking break fault i replaced the switch on the dash a the parking break motor to no prevail lights are still flash and dinging and now the motor wont even engage it clicks then beeps at me
Neither side mirror indicator lights work...don't know if it is the bulbs until I find what fuse controls the lights...
slight car accident week ago engine light on after 5days can this be related to my engine light on?
Purchased a used 2010 Passat Komfort with 112k. Didn’t test drive on freeway (shame on me) and soon discovered tires badly cupped on inside. Then discovered 2 wheels bent and 1 cracked! Order refurbished OEM wheels and new very good tires. (Vogue BW, 60k warranty) Now when I drive at any speed I hear what I assume to be a “whopping” noise from the rear. Louder at higher speeds. Tires all balanced well. Suspension checked ok by German Autowerks in Columbus. Car does down road straight as an arrow. This noise is driving me crazy! Help! Thoughts?
Changed camshaft sensor, coils, plugs, wiring, fuel pump, battery,and waterpump. Still have to turn 3 or 4 times to get started and 341 code still comes up.
When I start my car it hard to turn the steering wheel an there a red steering wheel light that comes on
2007 Volkswagen Passat ,I've changed the spark plugs and coils but still when the car is hot and a climb a hill ,the engine shakes as if the coils are not working and the check engine light blinks but when I park it for some few hours ,it comes back to normal.what else might be the problem
I was just advised yesterday for 1st time since buying this car new 18 yrs ago about these 2 Firewall drain tubes are likely the cause of floorboard under carpet full of water. I was trying to find them and cannot see a thing and realize I probably need to remove some things to gain access to these tubes and hoping I can get exact directions what has to be removed so I can clean out these 2 water drain tubes that have not been touched in 18 yrs of driving. I was assured 3-4 months ago my sunroof drain tubes are cleaned out perfect however I have not known a thing about the 2 Firewall drain tubes I was advised are on each side of the Firewall . Thank YOU VERY much for your help in this matter
I have coolant in the transmission oil and oil in the coolant reservoir . What are possible problems? It is also overheating
Clicking from dash and some dash lights on but I'm out the car and I have locked it
Use to occasionally not turn on, now about 99% of the time it doesn't turn on. no audio, no display, cell phone connects it says on the controls but there is audio. tried all the buttons, setting band navigation....nothing on the display screen.

the display keeps recycling the message about fender audio. On rare occasion it will spontaneously start working while I'm driving or when I start the car.
any ideas ?
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