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Why when my battery is full charged and all my fuses are working that when I turn on the ignition there is no lights on the panel and the engine won't start. It's as if there is no life in it at all not even attempting to turn the engine
Changed Intake manifold out and put all back togeather and now the car will turn over but not start
So randomly my CD player just stopped working. I have the six CD changer located in the trunk and when I click CD on the dash it says NO MAGAZINE. I put six new CDs in and still it says NO MAGAZINE. Is this a wiring problem? Censor problem? Please help. Its a 2000 Passat.
How long have you had this problem? 4 days
Shakes at 40 mph evens out at 60mph then is really bad at slow down
How long have you had this problem? Since my son in law changed wheel bearing
it's not the fuse(s)
Location and how to replace air fikter
How much to refurbish A/C
i have a 1999 passat,,my instument panel advises that the car is in drive,, although it is definately in park,,,so car wont start from iginition key,,lucky some previous owner has had a push button starter put in,,,i had no idea why,,i do now,,,my concern is now because the car thinks its not turned on the headlights wont come on,,,any suggestions any help would be great,,, love this car but cant afford to throw a lot of cash at it
didn't have thumping before it was fixed
Also the tach doesn't seem to be working or blinkers
To fix temporary i turn off the car. And turn on. And the air conditioner works again.
Car would not start when turning the key foward until I kept turning it back and forth several times like it is a ignition interlock issue but not siure and now it won't start at all, when turning the key forward.
Occurs every time now. We know that we need to change 2 spark plugs. There is a very small leak in transmission we are told.
change throttle pedal sensor but still light on
What does the ANW Sensor mean on my 2007 Volkswagen Passat
This happens intermittently - the check engine light will come on then go off shortly after. Also getting a "steering wheel lock defect" error half the time when I start my car.
Diacnostic codes
P0762, p0748

front end vibrates at high speed
Top hose cold bottom one hot
After driving 1,900 miles on a road trip
pulled into the garage at home and it
showed Inspection Now on the dash,??
We did get the 30,000 mile oil change
before we left. The car ran great the
whole time.
I have a 2013 VW Passat TDI se
The light just came on last night

Car is part of VW dieselgate so need to do
Repair but I don't want to spend a lot of money
My car isn't wanting tystart and the alarm is going off even though I unlock it with my key and it still gets triggered and does a dead battery have a part in this whole problem
My car's coolant scale is buck up and down after 5-10 minutes when I was driving
Took car to get timing belt & water pump changed. Car had no warning lights on b4 but when I picked it up it had check engine light & EPC light on and acceleration was very weak.
been having to add oil, don't notice much of a functional change since the light came on. I had 2 mechanics say yes, 1 said no, and 1 said maybe that will fix all the codes.
Timing chain is off track
my husband jumped it this morning at at 1pm it was completely dead
If I get my water pump replaced do I have to have my timing belt replaced as well.
multiple warning lights on but no problems on any.(parking, abs, tire PSI, brakes, driver side headlight out. passenger headlight low beam only, cruise control wont set.
repair shop advised the motor is ruined. and quoted me 4951.00 for new motor and timing belt. Claimed car oil filter wasnt changed yet I had 2 oil changes recently. The oil pan showed metal shards and very black. Did the oil change place charge for synthetic oil and a new filter and yet NEVER put synthetic oil or filter? Is the an accurate quote ? Help!
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