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Sounds like its grinding in the back of truck. Going fast on highway is worse sounds like no break pad in back of truck
I checked the freon pressure, it was 30 lb, and the compressor will not turn on so I don't know what it is when the compressor is on. I have checked the fuses I found a 25 amp fuse that was blown, I replace that with a new fuse, but all the rest of them seem to be okay. The light comes on when I push the AC button on the dash. It blows air but it's not cool. I removed the Low Pressure connection and jumpered across it while the engine is running and the compressor did not start, and there was no power at that connection.
when running have a gas leakage (very abundant) next to the gas tank. Starts and runs OK, but when stopped in the red lights is a strong gas smell
I was told that a 1999 Chevy Tracker doesn't need a catalytic converter. Is this true?
I have the top pins out but how do I free up the rest ( lower )
I don't want to brake it.
it will blow the fuse within seconds. And it just started doing it.
Have had electrician spend 1.5 hrs already (not familiar with trackers). Eliminated fuse, relay and 'four corners'. Can't afford to have blind search. Any ideas? Or know of Tracker repair shop in Phoenix area?
My Tracker has been stalling out after Idling (with AC on), after about 2 or 3 min. Cannot start it back up as it shakes rattles &rolls. After it cools down it starts right up. No engine light is on, for trouble. Have put in 3bottles of injector cleaner due to possibility of bad gas
Pedal goes to floor
recently my 2002 Tracker I can feel resistance when slowing down to turn right? The steering feels very loose and left ball joint was just replaced.
how does rear hatch open, i have all 4 doors unlocked , does that help ???
Could it be the crank senior or cam senior
Need help for compatible parts...tx
smell gas after filling up, no leak on the ground, a mechnic told me it could be an electronic switch, visible in front of the gas tank,( I'm far from convinced it is the problem) I dont not want to remove the gas tank, too scared of the cost involved. What do you think,.. rusted on top? neck that goes to gas tank? Let me know what you think , tks
I recently installed a new Timing chain kit on my tracker after it broke while at idle one day. Well it runs great now, no rattle 97% of the time but at a certain point above 2000 RPM a short 1 to 3-second rattle can be heard...Its hit or miss if it happens but it does happen fairly often. Could this be the top guide? Could I just remove the guide I have heard of guys doing that and having no problems afterwards......BTW the top guide is what broke and caused me to repair the truck in the first place.
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