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The A/C clutch isn't engaging. A/C freon pressure is at correct capacity. Need to see if my clutch will engage manually.
heater hose leaking at rear of engine, cant see end of hose or hose clamp at engine connection
When I put the key in I hear a beeping sound... One turn and still beeps... Turn all the way to start and beep stops but I get no lights or clicks or crank... Nothing at all... I hooked a jump pack to it but that didn't help
Why is this happening
only seems to happen with a\c is on, hasn`t done this in the past, just started a few days ago.
All 4 doors lock and unlock, but rear door won’t open. How do I get it to open?
Put a new rack & pinion on last summer and the ABS light and Air Bag light came on. Has been on for almost 1 year, My 2001 chev tracker 2 door 4x4 locked up front right tire so we put a new brake caliper on , reset the ABS , drives great but the lights are still on. what do I need to do?
How to get it in and out? pull the dash? the original one cam out in two piece so when I try to install the new one it will not go in. it hits the firewall. there is not enough room to pit it back in one piece. all I can think is I need to pull the dash and the housing the motor goes into, away from the fire wall?
Crossed battery cables on my tracker now I have no power. What did I blow?
I have a couple issues that I know of...1) my check engine light is always on and I had to replace my original gas cap because it broke (it had a spring inside the original cap)...however, light never goes off. Also, when I drive I can usually smell fuel/gas, which according to diagnostics appears to be an emissions control issue...?

I don't even drive on the thruway anymore because it just cannot keep up with other traffic. Going around certain curves or small hills it seems to "jump" lanes if I am going around city speed limit of 30. I have had a full tune up as well and it didn't help much.

Tina W.

The Tracker has approximately 104,000 miles on it.
Chevy 2002 tracker was wrecked and sat for a long time.Has 28000 mi. 2.5 eng. Truck has been rebuilt and is for sale. Should I buy? What are my risk with this motor?
Sounds like its grinding in the back of truck. Going fast on highway is worse sounds like no break pad in back of truck
I checked the freon pressure, it was 30 lb, and the compressor will not turn on so I don't know what it is when the compressor is on. I have checked the fuses I found a 25 amp fuse that was blown, I replace that with a new fuse, but all the rest of them seem to be okay. The light comes on when I push the AC button on the dash. It blows air but it's not cool. I removed the Low Pressure connection and jumpered across it while the engine is running and the compressor did not start, and there was no power at that connection.
when running have a gas leakage (very abundant) next to the gas tank. Starts and runs OK, but when stopped in the red lights is a strong gas smell
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