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My 2013 Jx35 makes a clucking noise in the rear in of the car when you turn right or left. Has anyone had this problem. It's driving me crazy.
How do I turn on the lights on the dash board
I've decided to sell my JX after paying $1600.00 in repairs in 2014. I've owned the car since 2012 and I loved both the looks and how it drives. The biggest problems is the repair costs. I live in Vancouver, Canada and I pay on average $190.00 for simple oil changes and routine inspections. I've already had to replace my rear brake pads which cost me about $500.00. Major service (48000 km) cost me $800.00. It's crazy to be paying this much for repairs and I have to go to the dealer as its on warranty. I don't think I'll ever buy another Infiniti. They price themselves like a European brand but their quality isn't equal.
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