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I changed the bulb in the front section which resolved the issue last time but did not resolve the issue this time.
oil leaks when sitting in garage. cleaned oil from engine, started engine and no oil leaked out. drove around the block and engine has oil in all the places that had been cleaned. started engine and ran at 4000 rpms in park and still unable to see oil leak.
Car seems to be having trouble shifting, it jerks. The tachometer and temperature both seem to be registering higher than normal
Both rear electric sliding doors stopped working suddenly. They will function manually, but not with the overhead button or the keypad remote. I went and had the battery tested, checked manual disengage button, checked child safety locks. Not sure where to turn next.
I park on a slight sideways angle and some oil like liquid keeps pooling in the low corner through the carpet. I used an extractor to remove it once, and within a week or so it was showing signs of coming back. What is it, where is it coming from & how do I fix it?
Rear power door opens and closed by button on key fob, its a nice option however the chain to snap because of someone reaching back into rear of vehicle while door down option had been requested is a little hard to believe, had I not withered this first hand, I'd never believe it. Thankyou for your help in this matter sincerly, christopher
Aparently the rear power door,on the back of the vehicle, is chain driven,i now know this becuase my friends vw routan (2010) rear door (power) driven by a little chain has broken? anyone have any problems similar to this or hear of this happening to any one?
I have kids and when you put your arm in the closing door, it doesn't stop or anything, it just keeps closing. Is that the way the car was meant to operate? The doors don't always open/close properly but this is a safety issue.
Window glass dropped inside door. I was able to remove the interior panel but have not been able to remove the metal frame panel even after removing all bolts...
Tcs and engine light came on, in my case the culprit turned out to be a broken engine ground wire found on the passenger side attached to the body and engine mount. After replacing wire lights went off and so far van runs well.Just a heads up for some of you folks.
light comes on but vehicle runs okay, engine temp gauge does not move from cold.
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