Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Questions

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As soon as the door is opened, the chime comes on and message on dash says do not forget the key. Can’t find any way to turn it off.
Heard a clunking sound from the front end. Has 115k miles and wondering if it could be struts.
checked all fuses, none blown.. nothing on drivers door works and the wipers will not come on. the passenger door window is the only one that works
soft top wont go down. No message on dash. No flashing switch
The back seam on the canvas top is glued according to MB dealer. They claim it needs to be replaced and cannot be reg lied.
What year and model car muffler will work my 2008 mercedez benz 350 clk
Why does. customer have to pay out of pocket for repair to eliminate musty odor smell each time car is turned on? Common complaint. Has there been a recall for this foul odor?
Windshield wipers don't work at all..just stopped
They replaced the soft top. Did the person who did the work disconnect anything. My SRS light stays on.
If I push against the top of the seat and lift the release latch it works. If I don't push the latch won't release the seat,
I missed a bumper and there was a rough contact between the bottom of the car and the bumper. Any chance I could have damaged something down there ?
I don't hear the motor on the wiper
Fuse 52 has voltage when try to start
Info screen on dash says trunk partition open when attempting to lower top.
Fan come on some times, not all the time. When the temperature is up above 70 * or so I get warning, could it be a sensor?
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