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While driving car went dead now engine will turn over but will not crank
I drove the car home on highway some 50 miles by sticking the plug in the hole. it came out 4 times. I need to drive it again. Is it going to hurt it driving it another 12 miles?
The dashboard lights go dim when I use any extra power, radio, heat, electric windows, and so forth. Then there is a high pitch sound like grinding or squealing. Then the car will start losing power.the more often I have the alternator replaced, it seems they are not lasting very long at all, anywhere from 5 months to now this last one about 3 weeks. I was told by my mechanic that the computer needs to be reset and updated, have you heard this may be the problem? I have not had the computer done yet. Please help.
P0016 p0301 p0304 po748 p0742 error codes car idling rough won’t accelerate past 40 mph
Radiator coolant (green color) level appears full under main pressure cap but "tube" with blue dipstick cap labeled "coolant" is bone dry and has red colored residue coating the stick
I hear and feel a jerk when the car KIA reaches 30 mil to 40 per hr.
It started today if It cools down it turns on but there is plenty of antifreeze
Hello, So I have a 2007 Kia Spectra with 145,500 miles on it and my check engine light will go on and then off a few times a month. I went to several places and did a test for the check engine light and it came up with 6 codes. P0700 = Transmission Control System Malfunction. P0743 = Torque converter clutch circuit electrical. P0750 = Shift Solenoid A P0755 = Shift Solenoid B P0760 = Shift Solenoid C P0765 = Shift Solenoid D The check engine light off again, but the codes above are the only codes that will come up. Kia said I need a new tranny, but when I took it to a tranny shop they said its electoral. The tranny will downshift once or twice a week. When this happen the engine light will come on. The car will accelerate slowly and would not shift. I will turn the car off and 2 mins later I will turn it on and it will drive normal
Drove down the highway to go to lunch AC was working fine came back started the car the AC quit working now it's blowing hot air
No noises at all. Father in law said battery is fairly new
Sometimes it will blow but, for few seconds. I recently brought a new blower motor but it still having the same problem.
Kia specia 2007 EL
The carpet on the driver side front and back is soaking wet
4 out of seven days a week my car won't start, I lift up the hood, tap the battery and then the car starts, but now my emergency break light and battery light are on what could be wrong
kia starts fine but when drive it around town shut off car wont start for five or ten minutes.
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