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It has 113000 miles on it and I want to replace the timing belt if it has a belt, but if it's a chain I won't worry about it
no back lights.on a 2001s80 2.9 volvo the pnp switch is inside the transmitition the volvo dealership wants $90.00 to tell me what is wrong.fuses are good,they say it is a communication problem not voltage.the backup lights came on 1day while I was trouble shooting and then the next day off again.can you please help
Why won't my headlights turn off when I turn off my ignition in my 2004 Volvo S80? They are staying on even when I turn the headlights completely off with the key in or out of the ignition
I had no problems with the car switched it off to go to the shop got back in it and I had appel urgent message and the car won't start.
No check engine light is on but inspection told me that there excess oxygen in the exhaust
I can keep it running if I keep the Revs above 1000, I use both feet, one on gas (to keep it above 1000 rpm) and the left to stop while turning or stopping at stop signs or red lights. If I do not keep 1000 rpm or more the car stalls, dies, but it will start up without troubles (for now). I had a repair pal shop look at it, but they did not have the special tools to get into the working(s) of the Volvo "they said".
I have had them work on the stalling problem when it was only when it was cold, and it never had the warmed up problem before they "fixed" the stalling while it was cold. I have had the Volvo for almost 6 months and it has only started having the stalling problem in the winter when it got really cold, then they fixed that, and for about a week it was fine, run really great. I started having the problem after I was sitting idle with radio on in park. I think there was some strange noise from the front in engine compartment. Then the motor died. Been dying when warmed up.
the exhaust is getting louder and I am told the center flange on the exhaust is perforated and needs to be replaced
My 1999 volvo s80 2.9L non turbo has trouble restarting after warming up. When it does run it runs great. I was told it may be the engine coolant temperature sensor... ?
2001 Volvo S80 2.9
If I turn the ignition key to start normally, the engine rpm shoots to 3000 and and stumbles it way down to normal in a few seconds-(there are also sounds that could be backfiring?). If I hesitate in ignition "position 3" for just a second, the vehicle start just as it should.
If I start the engine in the normal manner (with accompanying drama) and shut it down, the next attempt at at starting it in the normal matter is usually is successful.
No engine light. Scanning indicates no error codes.
The only other possible clue that I can think of is that this situation started in late fall (Minnesota).
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
When turning the key to start, nothing happens. Car will crank over when crossing the starter solenoid. All fuses and relays seem fine. Battery is fully charged. Dash lights come on. Headlights on. Mileage is 91000. Model s80, 2000
Car says there is an ABS failure and stop the car safely.
the information center says needs servicing and some light needs adjusting.there a red light trangle on in the middle of the cluster.can i turn this off.the car just got service and is runnig great
message goes off after driving a few miles
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