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Iwant conecte my phone
Okay, I was on my way home and I turn on my cruise and then all of a sudden my speed started dropping, my cruise stopped working, and a light that was in the shape of a red light bulb with an “x” on it appeared. It disappears when I put on breaks though.
The A/C Button won't respond when powering off. After pushing the button repetitively and using some force it sometimes will go off. There are several buttons on the unit that don't work at all$
Drivers side of cabin heater blows cold air .The back and passenger side are blowing hot air
Heater comes on but doesnt blow high when turned up high ,
Found a missing part. Trying to figure out where it goes
Took my car in to have a new radio put in and now my Hazard Lights won't work.
The static is worse on am stations.
The a/c worked fine during the summer except when the temperatures were over 85. It blows out cold air on both sides even with HIGH as the temperature
I have a 2008 kia amanti radio turns on but no sound coming out they told me at a stereo shop that is the stereo but i want to make shure wat else could it b
I need to replace a cup holder on a 2004 kia amanti I can't get the console apart to install the new cup holder because the space is very tight.
We have tried everything we can think of. Dont understand why it wont stop making this nerve racking noise. The trunk open kight on dash is very very faint and if you have the interior lights set to be on when doir is open, they are so faint it looks erie. The alarm will not set with the clicker and the only way to open the trunk now is to put the key in the key hole of the trunk.
When I get in the car in the morning and the radio stations to get up and tell I've had it on for about 30 to 45 minutes why it why does it skip?
my kia amanti had a broken oxygen sensor it's 13 years old should I replace all four
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