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When I started the car the service engine light came on. When I drive around 20 mph at a coast without making any changes in pressure on the gas pedal, the tachometer hovers at around high 2000 to mid 3000 rpm. Normally in this type of scenario, my tachometer will read 1500. When I start to speed up/push the gas all the way in, the tachometer jumps to 3/4000 rpm and just hovers but doesn't really move. Then the car feels kind of jerky so I let off the gas. I didn't want to keep the gas all the way because I didn't know if the engine would be further damaged. I'm just worried if the transmission is bad or if its something further wrong with the car.
thumping noise coming from the driver front suspension area. Infiniti service manager informed me it was shock. Prior to this I had a 2010 FX35 with the same problem. Another mechanic solve the problem on the FX35 which was the ball joint and the arm had to be replace and not the shock. How do I find a trustworthy mechanic to be honest and resolve the problem. My gut tells me not to trust the Infiniti dealership because I have caught them in several lies in the past. Any help would be appreciated. The FX50 has 54,000 miles. Thanks In Advance
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