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I jumped my car incorrectly when the battery died and now after at least a week and a coupke battery recharges the fuse looks blown. I get absolutely no power interior or otherwise and the battery is good according to autozone. I've also replaced the negative battery cable and terminal with no result which led me to the fuse. As I said it looks blown and it's a weird 120A/70A fuse. I can get one from the dealer but I'd heard that replacing it could blow my whole engine. Is this true? Could I potentially ruin my entire electrical system or have I already done that?
If front axle boot is heavily damaged on front wheel drive auto (Acura), does axle need replacing or only if axle is making a clicking noise?
I have a lift can I replace my oil pan on my 2002 tl type s 3.2 myself how difficult is it
Dealer says I need the rear oil seal replaced.
Car won’t start but it sounds like it’s trying to turn over. The battery is good and it has gas. What should I do?
I am thinking of buying a sophisticated obd2 reader. Can I get mode 6 data from my 1999 tl if the reader is capable of providing this information from a supported car?
Should I But Or Not
Is it common in the2003 acura tl water leaks behind front passenger seat
2000 acura tl 3..2 we have a hot start problem. Have replaced spark plugs,fuel pressure reg., main relay
It seems there are a few others with same problem
Iam aware of tsb although I live in Calif we seldom even freeze so this should not be the issue
The car has been taken care of through the years and is otherwise in perfect condition
what to do next
Took it in because anti security shut my car down but I fixed that before I took it in they had to program it had them change oil while I was there had it up on rack proceeded to tell me it needed ball joints it was leaking oil timing belt and while they had probably needed to change water pump
I was driving and my air conditioner just popped on at full speed. I tried to turn the speed down but it did not allow me to. I also tried turning it off and it also would not let me turn it off. It continues to blow the whole time the car is running at max speed. It allows me to change the mode (defrost, feet , head, etc) but that is all.
I have been told its the control panel, motor resistor, and relay. I'm looking for second opinion
do i need any other seals or gaskets besides the rear crank seal i know i have to drop tranny to get to it so might need tranny or half shaft seals dont know
Where is the starter relay in the relay box? 2005 Acura tl
Hi There,

Got CEL and TCS on my 2002 Acura 3.2 TL:
1. P0845 - Generic - Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor / Switch B Circuit
2. P0740 - Generic - Torque Converter Clutch Circuit / Open

Problems I noticed:
1. First drive in the morning, while it is cold outside and before the engine heats up, there is delay in gear shift from reverse to forward and from lower to higher gears, specially from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3
2. Transmission fluid is burnt / smells / I think I need to replace transmission fluid.

Questions: What may be the root cause? What should I be doing to get this fixed?

Please suggest.
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