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What causes my car to vibrate when stopped at a red light
Time required to install catalytic converter
i have just got used tires i was driving the car normal the first times with the tires and no problems and now that i shift into manual i put the rpms to 7000 and after i let my foot off the gas it makes a little noise and bump in the passenger front side. what could this be?
I just had 2 half shafts put in my 99 Acura TL. They said 3 hours but it only took 1. Did they do job correctly? Is it even possible to do in 1 hour
My fans stay on for about 30 minutes it just started running hot yesterday I don't know what's the problem no check engine light on
I've been researching how to replace the wheel studs on my 2005 acura tl and came across a few methods. I want to know if there is a way I can replace them without damaging or removing the splash shield which would also mean removing the entire hub from my understanding. I'm probably going to have to hammer these things out so if there's anything more that i can damage with that process please tell me so that i may avoid it.
The manual suggestion to make sure the gas cap is tight, and drive three times, does not turn off light.
I believe the emissions control systems is under warrenty per the warrenty manual..?

The car is in perfect condition other than this light...
lost 2nd, 3rd gear, then 1st gear. shuttered in reverse to park vehicle off the road. Sounds like a pump and or pump oring-gasket issue
So I drove the car all the week ' Sunday took some friends to Jason Deli and a mall. As we return and I turn of the car it just shutdown. A friend in the back seat ask me to open his door, as I use my master windshield to open it won't make any sounds. I put in the key again and it only shows very small and deem battery signal but no cranks. Called a friend with jumper cable, we tried no way. Weven thoughthe cable wasn't good so went to Walmart and got a new cable and jumper starter..applied them no signal at all. Another friend testers checked fues and said on two voltakes are in the inside panel. Outside one reading low too. There's absolutely no lights on dash board. No cranks, no signs of anything.

Thinking of battery but it's good..tried a jumper no way..thinking of alternator or starter but no lights at all.
This also happened several years ago for 2 or 3 times, but it hasn't happened for years. I go out to start my car and nothing happens. Key won't turn, gear shift won't move, so I am stuck!
The car can be running fine and lose power while in motion so I parked, turned it off for about 20 min turned it back on out it in gear and it ran fine but pulled when put into gear.
my airbag went off when I was just in a little finder bender a couple of months ago. When I looked into having it repaired someone told my that there was actually a recall on my airbags?
while driving the power steering goes out and gets stiff and tight ,steering wheel become hard to turn and then resumes to normal
Gettin on busy interstate and had to hit the gas hard to try and merge, it dropped down a gear normally, rpms shot up, but ended up redlining and would not climb gears until i let off the gas. Any suggestions? Torque converter maybe? 2007 acura tl 3.2
After charging the car the compressor came on but it did not cool the lines did not get cold or sweat at all
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