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How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
has misfire in cylinder 3 check engine light is on
What seems to make the problem better or worse? it is worse when engine is cold
How long have you had this problem? three months
Started doing this yesterday, But when it warmed up it was fine. Today I go and start it up and it just revs and doesn't move?
I just replaced the ball bering and put new tires on but I noticed when jacked up the wheel wobbles in and out a lot still I will be driving and it sharply swerves in just a little but I can feel it. I'm not sure where to start next. This is my daily driver and
I replace the water pump thermostat and the heat sensor and my car won't go block without going from cool to flashing hot I don't know what else to do
After it warms up, it's a bit touchy about stalling at low rpms.
when itry to crank the car
when you accelerate to the floor white smoke comes out off the tail pipe
My car was overheating a lot I replace the radiator and thermostat I'll be driving for three minutes my temp would go all the way up so I put it in neutral and coast for about 30 seconds start the car and it would be fine in a did that maybe 3×4 times a day Max and it really was not overheating after I replace those it was just saying that it was overheating so that's why I decided to replace the coolant sensor to change I noticed vacuum lines were hooked up wrong so I put it back to the way it supposed to be and still won't start put it back the way it was still won't start
No pressure in the radiator hose, fan kicks on and off and regulates heat and thermostat is working, but the car died twice on the same road in town when I was at almost a completely stop and had trouble wanting to start. Topped of fluid last light and it was all gone when we check today after driving roughly 45 miles. (I bought the car yesterday) it idles fine, but before the whole motor rocked and shook, but we fixed that, motor mount bolts were loose. Just don't know why there is absolutely no pressure for the radiator but everything else is working fine.
when put in gear and when accelerating it hesitates and wants to cut off
There is 4 wires going to plugs , 1 wire in the middle going to ignition module?( located on drivers side firewall) and one more that's on bottom of cap when installed. Mine is just a plug looks like the wire may have been ripped out. Is this a cache line?
When you accelerate its a lot louder
The problem started a while back i changes the valve gasket/spark plugs and was running fine now the problem is back again and idk what it is
Removed shifter. When replacing shifter If I pressed it down to screw holes , and place it in park I cannot remove keys from ignition. I pull up shifter slightly and the keys will release! Did I break something or what?
I have 1992 celica gts. Maybe 30 miles on Hwy.
I previously had 1995 celica st. It got 36-40 miles on Hwy. Why does 1992 get less?
I removed automatic shifter. When I put shifter back in place I cannot get my keys out of ignition when the car is in park. Although if I raise the shifter a little the keys will come out. If I put the screws back into shifter I cannot get out keys! What am I not connecting?
car just cranks won't start
I replaced altenator it started ran great then it shut off all power it will turn over but not start I then replaced fuel pump fuel filter had the ignition control module tested its good no cheek engine lites no codes I'm lost as to what or why can u give me any advice and what doe the cadiladdic converter do how do I cheek it
I replaced the altenator everything was fine The 3 prong plug broke now all of a sudden I'm driving and look down no lites were on but temp gauge was all the way no bubleing no sign at all I pulled over no signs I take off it dies the fans were not coming on eigther so I'm at a loss with this I am inclined and very knowledgeable bit to know specifically what or why I'm lost can u please help me
It has a red with blue stripe
A solid white wire
And a solid yellow wires
The engine/starter are good. I pulled the starer and grounded it. It works fine off the car. Can the transmission cause this?
Manual transmission. 165,000 miles.
Took it in for repair. Explained when begin accelerating to 6th gear, pops out and into neutral. Than few weeks later would not go into or out of any gears. They replaced the clutch put it back together and when they took it for test drive, problem with 6th gear. They now inform me I need a new transmission.
And it has no electricity to the ignition
Can't find any vac leaks. Replaced lots of parts: IAC, TPS, Coolant Temp sensor, intake hose, air intake temp sensor. Idle still bounces while sitting at stoplight in neutral; gets worse and worse as outside temps increase (summertime). What else to try?
The motor is not engaging when turning key on. Sounds like it wants to start but won't
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