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Starts but backfires when giving gas and has lost all power and when it over heats after driving for a min cause it needs new radiator it is very hard to get started again
Already changed icv and and another part. Wondering what can caise slight rpm drop after pressing gas pedal.
My 94 celica transmission started making loud noises that come and go. But when i loosen bell housing bolts it gets quiet
I think it is on the passenger side in the fuse box but not sure the exact location
I have a 1985 toyota celica gt with a 22re i have spark on all clynders and can smell gas on all plugs wont even try to fire on starting fluid just fixed the head gasket and timing but the timing is off one tooth from tdc but it ran and drove fine for 100 miles until it overheated cuz a hose came unplugged
the number three plug had lossend up and blew out of hole fixed that now the car won't start checked the timing belt and the distrubter cap and rotor bout ok but still no fire any idea's
The airbag light wont shut off never been in an accident all the fuses are good is there any way I can reset it
When you first start it it runs great. After it warms up the idle starts sputering up and down wanting to stall.
Checked all sensors fuses cap rotor plug wires and plugs and think its the ignition coil am i right?
I noticed couple days ago while i was driving my car, when i would go and turn it would feel more like my car is sliding more than actually turning. Finally i parked my car on a flat surface and look at my car from behind and noticed that my drivers side door is leaning lower than the other. The only new thing that has been added to my car recently aremy subwoofers. I dont understand how my sunwoofer could create the probelm bc it is in the middle of my trunk not leaning to the left or the right. Whats wrong with my car?
I m hearing that I shouldn't even mess with it and it's a waste time and money
I am replacing a timing belt and water pump in a 99 Celica GT with a 2.2 dual overhead cam wondering what the R&R time is in the books
When I push my brakes no lights come on. When I put my car in reverse they do. All my tail lights work reverse and flashers. Only time my brake lights work is when car is backing up

How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
has misfire in cylinder 3 check engine light is on
What seems to make the problem better or worse? it is worse when engine is cold
How long have you had this problem? three months
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